Meanwhile, In The High Court


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Ian Bailey arriving at the Four Courts this morning

Breaking News reports:

“The jury in the former journalist’s [Ian Bailey’s] damages action for wrongful arrest over the French film producer’s death has been listening to a series of phone calls taped at Bandon garda station. In June 25, 1997, Det Sgt Liam Hogan and Chief Superintendent Sean Camon discuss preparing the book of evidence for the Director of Public Prosecutions in the du Plantier murder case.

In their recorded conversation about Ian Bailey, Sgt Hogan says all they have is “very weak circumstantial evidence”. He tells his superior “unless we break Jules” it is “a 50/50…we need her broken”, in what appears to be a clear reference to Mr Bailey’s partner Jules Thomas. Liam Hogan, now deceased, also talks about going back to “fill in” statements.”

Court hears Garda call describing ‘very weak circumstantial evidence’ against Bailey (

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10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In The High Court

  1. scottser

    jaysus, everything i read about this case is bizarre. it’s a litany of garda lies and incompetence and reliance on batsh1t crazy witnesses. i hope bailey doesn’t get a penny in damages though.

    1. Rep

      So you think it is terrible that the gardai seem to have stitched him up but you hope he still gets fecked over one more time?

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        I think he did it and then the cops screwed up the case so badly that they tried to fix it afterwards, knowing he did it but with no usable proof.
        I agree with Scottser. Everyone seems to be completely batsh*t crazy who’s involved in this.

        1. Evian

          Is the prevailing opinion that he’s guilty and got away with it? Not that a prevailing opinion is worth the paper it’s written on.

          1. scottser

            i can’t see any other scenario. and you’re right in that my opinion is only worth the few kilobytes it takes up on t’internet.

          2. Kieran NYC

            Pretty much. The guards, for all the crazy, immoral and illegal behaviour here are unlikely to pursue a randomer so doggedly for twenty years on the off-chance that they’ll find proof/get a confession to a murder he didn’t do.

  2. Soundings

    How strange, two senior Gardai sit down to discuss the case and every second word is “fupp”, and they decide it would be a good idea to record it all. Where the fupp did the recording come from?

  3. deliverancecountry

    This reminds me of the Kerry baby case from the ’80s.
    While the guards waste time and effort trying to conjure up a case against an innocent party a complete psychopath goes free.

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