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Ian Bailey leaving the High Court this afternoon


Former journalist Ian Bailey cannot be extradited to France in connection with the murder of filmmaker Sophie Toscan du Plantier, the High Court has ruled.

Mr Justice Paul Burns ruled in a 61-page judgment that a recent change in the law in Ireland on extraterritorial jurisdiction to include persons ordinarily resident in Ireland did not create a situation where Ireland and France had reciprocal laws that would allow Mr Bailey’s extradition.

Ian Bailey cannot be extradited to France in connection with Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s murder – High Court (Independent.ie)


This afternoon.

Central Criminal Courts, Dublin.

Ian Bailey arrives to hear the High Court deliver its ruling on a bid to have him surrendered to French authorities in relation to the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

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From top: Sophie Toscan Du Plantier; Ian Bailey (left); John D Fitzgerald SC

This morning.

On RTÉ’s Morning Ireland.

Barrister John D Fitzgerald SC spoke to Rachel English about the decision yesterday by Mr Justice Donald Binchy, in the High Court, to endorse a European Arrest Warrant issued by France for West Cork-based British former journalist Ian Bailey.

Mr Bailey was arrested and released on bail following the endorsement and will appear in the High Court again on January 20th, 2020, but his case will be up for mention this Friday.

The endorsement of the warrant marks the third time that French authorities have sought Mr Bailey’s surrender in relation to the death of filmmaker Sophie Toscan du Plantier, who was found dead outside her holiday home in Schull almost 23 years ago, in December 1996.

The issuing of the warrant, and yesterday’s endorsement of the same, followed Mr Bailey being convicted of Ms Du Plantier’s murder in his absence in a Paris court earlier this year.

The three-judge Cour d’Assises in Paris imposed a 25-year prison sentence on him in his absence. Mr Bailey did not attend the French court and had no legal representation. He described the proceedings as a “farce”.

Documents which emerged in November 2011 showed that the late former Director of Public Prosecutions Eamon Barnes believed the Garda investigation into the murder was “thoroughly flawed and prejudiced” against Mr Bailey.

Mr Bailey has always denied any involvement in Ms Du Plantier’s death.

Further to this…

Rachel English: “This isn’t the first time that France has requested Ian Bailey’s extradition. What happened before?”

John Fitzgerald: “No, it’s not the first time. And this is in fact the third. This represents the latest in a series of requests by the French authorities stretching back almost 10 years.

The Supreme Court refused to surrender Mr Bailey for the first time in 2012 on a number of grounds, the most important perhaps, for present purposes, of which was that we [Ireland] at the time didn’t prosecute for extraterritorial offences, unless those offences were committed by an Irish citizen.

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This afternoon.

The 62-year-old, with an address at The Prairie, Toormore, County Cork, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison – the maximum sentence for murder under French law is 30 years.

He has repeatedly denied any involvement in the killing, and his solicitors have dismissed the proceedings in France as a ‘show trial’, claiming they were invalid and unjust.

Bailey convicted in absentia in France of Toscan du Plantier murder (RTÉ)


From top: Ian Bailey; The home of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier  Schull, County Cork in December, 1996

The GSOC report states that in 2013 its investigators received documentation from the gardaí which outlined an extensive list of significant documents — including witness statements and 22 exhibits — that can no longer be located.

These include a blood-spattered gate taken from close to where Ms Du Plantier’s body was found; a French wine bottle discovered in a field next to the murder scene; and a black overcoat belonging to Ian Bailey.

A total of 139 original statements are missing from witnesses and include original memos of interviews with Jules Thomas and Marie Farrell.

…GSOC investigators also discovered that other “miscellaneous items” are missing which include a diary belonging to Ian Bailey and tape recordings/transcripts of conversations between Ian Bailey and a foreign journalist.

The GSOC report also expressed concern that there are pages missing from the original garda ‘Jobs Books’ in relation to the murder investigation.

…GSOC said their concern is further compounded by the fact that the specific pages missing are from the time when Mr Bailey seems to have first been identified as a potential suspect and as such they are potentially very significant.

Latest: Report says no evidence to suggest Ian Bailey was framed (Irish Examiner)

Pics Rollingnews/Southern Star

Ian Bailey and Olaf Tyaransen

Via Hot Press

Ian Bailey, is to make an exclusive appearance with a public interview with at the Hot Press Chatroom at Electric Picnic.

Bailey was arrested twice in relation to the 1996 murder of French film producer Sophie Toscan du Plantier, however he has never been charged and has always strongly protested his innocence.

Appearing at the Hot Press Chatroom at 2pm on Saturday, September 2 Bailey will be interviewed by Hot Press journalist Olaf Tyaransen, in a conversation that will offer an absolutely fascinating insight into one of the most debated cases in modern Irish history.

Earlier this year, Tyaransen carried out a comprehensive interview with Bailey in Hot Press, which laid bare the toll the case has taken on his life. You can read the article in full at the link below.

Ian Bailey to make exclusive appearance at Hot Press chatroom at Electric Picnic (Hot Press)

Pic: Kathrin Baumbach.

Following the High Court refusal this morning to grant the extradition of Ian Bailey to face trial in France for the 1996 murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier (top)….

Anne-Louise Foley writes:

In The Du Plantier Case, a new RTÉ One documentary which airs tonight, the son of Sophie Toscan du Plantier talks about the impact of her death on him and his family. Pierre-Louis was 14 when the French film producer was found brutally murdered in West Cork.

The programme also hears unprecedented testimony from Sophie’s mother Marguerite Bouniol and her brother Bertrand.

The High Court refused to order Ian Bailey’s extradition to France. However, it is still possible that he will be tried ‘in absentia’ in Paris.

Reporter Philip Boucher Hayes also interviews Mr Bailey along with his partner Jules Thomas.

The Du Plantier Case airs tonight on RTÉ One at 9.35pm

Earlier: Meanwhile, In The High Court

Pic: RTÉ

Ian Bailey

RTÉ reports:

The High Court has refused a second attempt by French authorities to have Ian Bailey extradited to face trial over the death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

Mr Justice Tony Hunt said the second application for his extradition was an abuse of process and the matter had already been decided by the Supreme Court in 2012.

The judge said the fact that the domestic legal system had comprehensively determined the issue was ignored in processing the latest application.

High Court refuses to extradite Ian Bailey to France (RTE)



Ian Bailey

This morning.

Ian Bailey arrives at the Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin.

The French authorities are attempting, for the second time, to have Mr Bailey extradited to France, to face trial over the death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier west Cork, in 1996.

Mr Bailey has always denied any involvement in her death.

Yesterday, Mr Bailey’s lawyers told the High Court that the question of Mr Bailey’s extradition to France had already been decided by the Supreme Court in 2012 and that the second attempt was an abuse of process.

The case continues today.

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews


He saw it coming, in fairness…

In an interview from earlier this week Ian Bailey tells Olaf Tyaransen of Hot Press magazine of his likely arrest.

“I’m Going To be Arrested On Thursday” (Hot Press – subscription)

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