Spoiler Alert


200px-Yes,Virginia,ThereIsASantaClausClippingno virginia

Original article in the New York Sun (top) and a controversial 2014 alternative view (above).

Yes or No Virginia?

The Choice Is YOURS.

CX writes:

My brother put together this delightful gift (above) for his niece and nephew. Merry Christmas everyone!

 Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus?

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11 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert

  1. Bazler

    Why would you be bothered? What kind of joyless, empty person would sit down and write that alternative version and what could they hope to gain from it?

    1. scottser

      this guy is absolutely correct to nip such lunatic fantasy as santy in the bud. hitler believed in all kind of nonsense, and look where it lead us, eh? eh?

      1. LiamZero

        The past tense of to lead is ‘led’, not ‘lead’.
        Sorry, I hate being that assh0le who corrects spellings. I’m only pointing this out in the hope that others who make this mistake and who may see this will realise their error. Why this particular mistake bothers me, I don’t know.
        Maybe I need to get out more.
        Sorry Scottser. Nothing personal.

        1. Eliot Rosewater

          It’s easy enough not to be that guy. When you find your finger hovering over the reply button just think to yourself: there could be one less asshole comment on Broadsheet today, and continue on your merry way. Correcting someone’s spelling is only ever going to be a positive thing if the original misspelling in some way made it difficult to understand the piece.

  2. funman

    Terrible. I hope the ‘brother’ gets the counselling he needs to come to terms with his issues. By contrast, it shows the wonderful writing style employed in the original.

  3. Jess

    Fair play. I too refuse to patronise and talk down to children so this year instead of dolls and spiderman im making my nieces and nephews watch holocaust documentaries and then spend the evening browsing job bridge with them to show them what lies ahead. St Stephens day shall be spent learning to build a fire and spear a sika deer with the sharpened femur of your ‘companion’

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