13 thoughts on “The Green Above The Red

  1. One Dub

    Who could argue against ‘it’s talk majestic hills’.
    -It would be foolish for me or anyone else to venture in that direction, for it seems like some kind of trap-like device.
    Are you a wizard?
    Carn you spek englisk?

    1. One Dub

      Allow me to adopt a trope, not to upset you…but to impress someone else.
      No-one ever said this was gonna be easy…

      Oh yeah…a trope…
      I’ve forgotten…what is a trope?

  2. One Dub

    This thread is about nothing.
    So far.

    Let’s make it about the best music of 2014, and let me break all the rules before it starts by posting something from 2013, because nothing good happened in 2014.
    Get real.
    -I remember seeing a Major Lazer video here on this site. I think it was called ‘Scare Me’.
    WTF happened?
    I can’t find it anymore. Where did it go?
    It was the best post on this site, ever.

    But yeah, 2014 wasn’t good.
    2015 will be better

  3. Where's Frilly?

    Yeah. Sur we’ve all done it.

    Got the mix of self- meds mucked up with the pints a’ mulled wine, pourings of brandy sauce and xl portions of ameretto trifles.

    Happy New Year New Life Plans New Postponing Start Dates and New Excuses

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