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Damn American imperialism.

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More To Life – Living the best life in County Mayo.

Last month, The Western Development Commission launched a video campaign to showcase the career and lifestyle opportunities available in the West of Ireland.

Today the Commission has released a second video (above) to further lure people out of the cities.

Alan Mulrooney writes:

The video features Nathalie Moyano who moved to Foxford, Co Mayo from Dublin in March this year and is now enjoying the fruits of working remotely with a more relaxed pace of life.

Born in France, Nathalie moved to Ireland in 2002 and spent years commuting from Wicklow to the city centre. She moved to Co Mayo on the first day of lockdown and found herself surrounded by woodlands, beautiful riverside walks and stunning gardens at a time when many people were confined to city apartments with no access to open spaces

In fairness.

Western Development Commission

This morning.

In south Mayo.

Claire Duignan tweetz:

I’m not sleeping so well since this whole Covid-19 thing started. But one advantage is I’m getting to see how beautiful the early mornings are here in south Mayo. Clear and cool here at 6.30am this morning…


Last night.

Eddie Lee writes:

Lough Gill under the Milky Way – I was pleasantly surprised that the light pollution was just enough to illuminate the foreground, despite this being just on the outskirts of Sligo town at Doorly Park.

One of my favourite spots and oh so beautiful last night under the stars.