Attacked In Dublin


dame street

The Mercantile, Dame Street, Dublin at the junction with George’s Street, Dublin

An unprovoked assault last night.

Did you see it?

Nessy writes:

know you don’t normally do this but perhaps your readers can help..Myself, my girlfriend, two other girls and a guy were out in [Dublin] town last night. We had dinner on Camden Street [Dublin] then went for one in the Globe [George’s Street, Dublin]. After leaving the Globe we were confronted by four guys who after some unwanted conversation, proceeded to follow us in the direction of Dame Street. They went out of their way to set upon our only male friend.

After walking away from the confrontation a second time they followed us again to Dame Street where we (3 girls and one guy) were physically assaulted. The area was packed with people leaving pubs as it was closing time. We’re looking for witnesses to help as a statement was made with the Gardai. The main assault on us was outside Rick’s [burgers]/ the Mercantile/Iskanders [kebab]. In the age of selfie sticks I’m sure someone has some footage. Thank you.

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99 thoughts on “Attacked In Dublin

  1. One Dub

    …Myself, my girlfriend, two other girls and a guy…
    …we (3 girls and one guy)…

    I sincerely hope all of you are okay and that you get the result you hope for, but I can’t help asking;
    What happened to the other girl?

  2. H

    You could try asking the local businesses if they have any cctv footage of the assualt, I hope you get them.

  3. Ciarán

    who’s out on their own late at night in the middle of Dublin’s drinking/chaos area taking a selfie

  4. Mannix Flynn

    There are private cameras, and traffic cameras belonging to DCC and the Gardaí would have access to them. Check with the local business as there are a lot of camera’s in this area that would have picked this up.

    1. IP Freely

      The DCC traffic cameras do not record, they are live view only.

      The process of Gardai collecting cctv evidence from private business is incredibly inefficient and time-consuming. The businesses are not supposed to show you or give you footage (but some might let you have a look) If you have the right Garda on the case you might be lucky with cctv.

      1. Mad Tiger

        I have experience in this area, as in I control CCTV cameras in a pretty central part of Dublin City centre. I have done for six years.
        Our system records everything for 30+ days before it gets written over.

        TWICE, and only twice have I had requests from the local Gardaí for footage.
        ‘Twice’ is a misnomer. What I should say is that I’ve the Gardaí call into me to get footage, day after day for a week, expecting ME to supply the memory-sticks, over and over again. With exactly the same footage on them. Twice.

        You’re only fooling yourself if you think they give a fuch.
        They just want to rob our memory-sticks.

        It’s the thing that nobody wants to say, but you made a BIG mistake mentioning that you had a drink in The Globe.
        You shouldn’t have mentioned that, and you shouldn’t have needed it pointed out to you. It’s a kip, full of pretentious types. Cross the road. The George is a much finer establishment. The doormen are tricky…you have to pretend that you’re gay…but it’s worth it.

        1. IP Freely

          Some of that made sense until your rant about the Globe.

          There are plenty of Gardai on the streets who care very much about getting to the bottom of these cases, and do their best to obtain the evidence. Unfortunately they are under resourced, have poor access to training, technology and connectivity and are constrained by out-dated rules regarding Chain of Evidence requirements.

          Maybe you’re right, maybe they’re just building up a memory-stick collection.

    1. Niallo

      Typical, there isnt a civilised society here, the scrotes have taken over the streets, combined with the indiference of the average joe who thinks “not my problem”
      when was the last time you seen a guard in the city centre away from the main tourist drag after the wildlife has come out ? If you do get hold of one (after several calls) the best you’ll get is to be interogated to find out who you are and deflection on any attempt at action, ask to see cctv footage and you’ll be told only the guards can see that if they ask, ask the guards a week later what they found.. “Who are you again? When did this happen ?”
      A complete waste of time, chances are they know who these gits are out of a dozen or so usual suspects, they’ll have the usual “hard word” with them, but will ultimately do nothing. They are afraid of them, there. I said it.
      If you want a night out and want to remain unmolested, may i suggest saving your money and trying london ?
      Its cheaper (believe it or not) and way better.
      The cops over there dont f@@k around when it comes tonthis kind of carry on.
      That said, Nessy, sorry to hear you had a rough time and I hope there is some justice served.

      1. Bk

        That’s a very critical and damning opinion on policing in our capital city .

        However , I would agree with you 100%.

        Dublin is a violent city . And to add insult to injury a lawlessness prevails.

          1. Mad Tiger

            Get a grip.
            To say that Dublin is less safe than London is total nonsense.

            If you compare the central areas, then yes, but that’s because we have a shitty version of a police-force. Tthe moment you step outside the heavily-policed central area of London you’re in no-mans’s land and at the mercy of whoever and whatever.

            Dublin isn’t like that.
            Don’t try to pretend that it is. It isn’t.

          2. Niallo

            I have an excellent grip thank you and I’m not pretending.
            I believe what i see and hear for myself.
            This article is about the centre of the city being unsafe is it not ?
            You will agree there is a palpable air of menace on the streets of dublin city center. And it is much, much worse than i’ve seen anywhere next or near the centre of london, the cops come down on that sort of thing like the proverbial ton of bricks, you just dont see junkies, or muggers or gangs of feral kids.
            Oh, Just like to point out you have contradicted yourself immediately there by agreeing with me.
            so, was your point maybe that a night out in finglas is safer than a night out in say brixton or Pimlico maybe ? I’m sure the finer details of that could be argued…
            If it helps, the same can be said about any town or city, they all have their “bad” areas, its just the really shitty ones that have the centre as a bad area.
            So, in essence, its not nonsense, its the truth.

          3. Easy Tiger

            With regards to the “not my problem” comment, I’ve let a shout at a scumbag to leave a foreign guy alone because he was screaming at him for being foreign. This was opposite Bad Ass Cafe and about 2 minutes later 6 or 7 of his mates appeared. Luckily nothing happened but it could have gone very badly for me. Seeing the footage of the Brazilian guy getting assaulted last Paddy’s day shows that it only takes a couple of seconds for some real damage to be inflicted.

            I’ve also seen someone taking a beating from a couple who had been fighting and then turned on the guy trying to break it up, so don’t really blame people for not wanting to get involved.

            Another time, I was assaulted without provocation. In didn’t even see the guy until he hit me. This happened yards from Dame St and I rang the gardai when I got home about it, thinking they’d have CCTV surveillance set up in that part of the city at least. The garda on the phone didn’t give a f*ck. I flat out asked was there any point in me making a statement and was told no. Not exactly inspiring stuff.

            The last few years I’ve noticed a very aggressive air dominating the city centre at the weekend and prefer going in during the week if at all. The policing of the city centre does appear to be woeful. You’d think that main streets at the very least would be safe enough. The gardai seem more concerned with massaging the numbers instead of doing anything about it. Although there’s the argument that violent crime is given too lenient a punishment here to the extent that there’s no deterrent for them. Arresting them means nothing as it’ll just be a slap on the wrist.

            The 2 scumbags who hospitalized that Brazilian guy were identified and arrested. Whatever happened to them?

      2. Chris Cassidy

        Absolutely dead on. I’m a foreigner here and in living overseas for 16 years, traveling/working in 67 countries, living on 3 continents, and spending 4 years in Philadelphia,.. I know more people who’ve been attacked violently, almost all of them for no reason not even robbery, in Dublin in the 8 years I’ve been here.. than I do in the entire rest of my experiences put together. If I expand that to people who are one step out and a close friend/ relative of theirs was attacked here, that figure climbs exponentially. For my first 2.5 year stint in Dublin, I counted 30 people who had either been the victim of or witness to a violent attack, exactly 30 when the 30th friend was attacked on the Luas when she went to help a drunk teenage girl who stumbled getting off the Luas, just caught her to help her not realizing it was drunk.. and the thing punched her..

        1. Sean

          I have also lived and worked all over the world and have been attacked in Sydney , Canary Islands and was drugged in a attempted drugging/ robbery in Sri Lanka .

          I have witnessed multiple fights attacks way more serious then i ever seen in Ireland . Where are all of the murders of tourists if its so dangerous ?.

          I worked for many years in the bar trade in Dublin including the city centre and in NO WAY is it any worse then any other city in Europe/ North America and with the amount of drugs/alcohol being consumed in Ireland just shows how really safe it is.

          The reason people get their the knickers in a twist in Ireland is due to it being a small place and with social media every little incident is blown out of all proportion . A women from Mexico gets attacked on a bus and says Dublin is worse then Mexico and she is soo afraid she is heading back to lawless Mexico ,what a laugh !! .In most countries assaults and the like are never even in the newspapers unless its particularly vicious because guess what EVERY country in the world has crime EVERYDAY , FACT !!

          The biggest problem with Dublin is having all these drug clinics in the city centre where low lifes from all over the country come into the city centre ,this is myopic thinking of the highest order .We also need a proper lord mayor with powers like London New York where the Mayor is responsible for whats happening in the city .

          A friend of mine is a Garda in store street station and i have been inside waiting for her sometimes to finish work and am always amazed that there are LOADS of cops doing nothing but chatting and having the craic when every one of them should be out walking around the city so there is a police visible presence .

          Advice to ANYONE ANYWHERE – If you are being followed or think something bad may happen for any reason ,don’t be afraid to walk up to any stranger on the street and tell them you are being followed or maybe attacked ,don’t just walk away alone or go into a shop and tell them to call the Gardai The vast majority of people will help you if you ask them .Scumbags are cowards and the more people you tell the more likely they are to piss off away from you .

          1. Chris

            Recent article in Irish Times talked about serious crimes being only reported at 10 to 27% of real number of incidents in Dublin.
            I’ve been victim to an attempted robbery in Dakar, Senegal.. and went up the street to where I could see a group of Senegalese guys.. who turned around and scared off the guy who was trying to intimidate and rob me.. and he left with his life intact. Two Irish incidents spring to mind here.. Just before Christmas a guy was beaten badly and phone stolen on Usher’s Quay Dublin at 10:30 in the a group of scumbags,.. with people walking past and doing nothing.. and then there’s the article here where this lot say loads of people were around but nobody helped. It’s exactly what I’d expect from Dublin.
            I have a small 5 foot female friend who was attacked on the Millenium bridge this year. A junkie put his arm around her throat and tried to steal her bag. She elbowed him, turned and punched him so he landed on the ground. Turned out there was a Guarda watching.. He shouted at her that he could take her in for that assault. She said, ‘you wouldn’t think of jumping in or anything?’ He said he would take her to Store St. station for assault if she wasn’t careful.
            Both your experience and mine are subjective because the things have happened to us individually. So I won’t be expecting to change your trumpeting about how wonderful Dublin is… And please don’t expect to change my experiences here.

    1. Mick Flavin

      Dublin is a grand spot. I’ve seen some awful eejiting going on its streets at night. I’ve had the lard beaten out of me once. I would still recommend the city to anyone.

      1. One Dub

        This man gets it.

        Dublin is a shithole if you want it to be, if you really, really want to make it one.
        The rest of the time it’s a wonderful place, populated with the nicest people on Earth.

        I mean FFS, Dame St./ Georges St. ..?
        -And you couldn’t find anyone…you had to resort to Broadshite.

        You aren’t impervious because you’re gay, you’re just obnoxious, self-absorbed and dismissible…
        -And Gay..

  5. Jason

    I’ve lived in Dublin for eight years now, and have never felt as unsafe as I have in the past year or so. Literally every time I leave the house I encounter something that makes me wish I hadn’t. Just the other night my partner and I were walking along Camden Street and a bottle came seemingly from nowhere and smashed inches from us; we could have been seriously injured, with nobody to take responsibility.

  6. Gerry Johns

    Mick – what if some semen had got in my anus? and I really don’t know if the condom came off during those four minutes or so?

  7. Eoin Moore

    This happened to my girlfriend and our friends outside Mcdonalds O’connell street on St.Stephens day. Young enough looking group of lads walked up and stood beside us and threw a can – started shouting threats at us and then took a metal baton out of his sleeve. Group of lads followed me into Burger King beside McDonalds (as they were saying they were going to open me up etc and I was the only lad there – didn’t fancy taking on a group of 6/7 and a baton).
    My girlfriend and her friends followed me into burger king as i went to get security where i realized she was crying. Apparently they held her up against a wall with the baton against her neck and spat in her face 3 or 4 times telling her if she tells me what they did to her they’ll open me up.

    Rang the guards, and nothing was done.
    They kept us hostage in Burger King on my girlfriends birthday as they assaulted her and threatened us.

    1. bagpuss55

      yeah there u go. the anecdotal stories of this savagery I’ve heard lately is staggering

    2. Niallo

      And needless to say mone of your fellow diners did or said anything.
      What about the staff in bk ? Did they not try to get the five o on the job ?
      Sorry to hear about that dude, dangerous kip of a place, was never any different as far as i remember.

  8. HappyDub

    HappyDub because I choose to be. Gargle south of Stephen’s Green & you’ll be grand, all the best boozers are there anyway; the Shaw, Anseo, Bleedin’ Horse, Smyths (Ranelagh). People should be able to enjoy a night out without being abused but unfortunately that’s becoming less likely, not the guards fault, all down to economics.

    1. Niallo

      Economics me whole, theyre scared stiff to take these fuppers on, cos the next night they will still be there and that guard or guards may not have backup.
      Add to that their photo will most likely be taken and circulated around the scummer grapevine, life wouldnt be worth living.
      Ever seen the movie precinct 13 ?

      1. All the good ones fly south for winter

        As already stated this is not a dating site.
        I doubt it is still showing in cinemas anyway.

    2. David

      I find camden st area has become very bad recently, all around the palace/opium rooms, on the main road and down the lane beside whelans. A friend was mugged just outside the side door of whelans by a group of lads who followed a similar pattern and the crowd coming in and out of opium rooms seem to be absolute scum of the earth. Gurning hordes and girls being sick on themselves, lads pushing each other out on to the road, arguing with the bouncers. The place brought a whole new, student SIN type punter to the area that even puts me off going to whelans these days.

  9. One Dub

    Hey, sorry if I seemed uncaring or facetious earlier. It wasn’t meant.

    I can understand this kinda thing happening in the side streets of Temple Bar, but in that tiny space between The Globe and Dame Street, no. I’m sorry. I don’t buy it. It’s bullshit.

    Best of luck with that statement to the Gardaí.
    -Pity you can’t count.

  10. I'm a dub

    Ive worked at night in the city for 8 years and have seen it first hand
    The streets aren’t policed, and when they are it’s to slap u
    With a road traffic act fine. Big arsed,out of shape, condescending useless bullies just about explains the gardai.
    Over priced beer, gobshite bouncers on every door talking about the last jaw they’ve broken, and literally hundreds of homeless people and junkies walking around freely tapping for change.
    Control is gone here, it is a shithole and getting worse. It saddens me to say it, which is why I’ve escaped and live 5000 miles away from it. Thank god.

    1. Anomanomanom

      Your talking poo. Iv never seen hundreds of homeless sitting/walking around. And yes the door men in Dublin can be Wankers but iv never heard one discussion about “jaw breaking”

  11. Mad Tiger

    I used to be One Dub.
    -I’ve just realised that someone else is using that pseudonym in other places.
    From now I’m Mad Tiger, okay?

    Don’t try to make conversation with me.
    I’m not interested.

    I only ever come here to talk to myself, the same as the rest of you.

    This is Mad Tiger, signing in and signing out.

  12. Mad Tiger

    ‘Mad Tiger’ is the antithentical* subversion of my personality.

    Cop on.
    You’ld do the same if you weren’t so stupid.

    *’antithentical’ isb’t a proper word, you fucxhing idiot.
    Cop on. I made it up.

    Love and kisses, and a million best wishes, from One Dub/Mad Tiger to ALL you cnuts
    Love is love, and let us never forget.

    No, no…
    Let’s pretend to forhgertn.

    Happy New Year.

  13. Tim

    You’re right there chief, been going out in Dublin fri/sat night for a long time and never ever see a guard on the beat, they are hiding in the stations scared to go out. The street are a Jungle, scum eveeywhere. Safest thing to do is to get a taxi as soon as u leave the pub.

  14. ex pat

    I spend a lot of time in Temple Bar during the day; no social issues at all. Spent until 11pm one saturday evening sanding a floor and was gobsmacked at the number of bottles I heard being smashed in the street below.

    Dublin remains a great City but I think it is fair to say that the Gardai could do with more resources both operationally and in terms of jail spaces to sort these issues out.

    The real problem is that half the prison population are there for non-payment of fines, simple solution deduct fines from earnings source like they duo with property tax and give the prisons back to the Gardai to fill up.

    I hope the CCTV yields a result on this; it sounded like a very unpleasant experience that will see escalation by the perps if they get away with it again and again because the jails are full of people deliberately not paying fines and blocking up prison capacity for a day or 2 instead.

  15. Quint

    Dublin has ALWAYS been a shithole. Moved out of the kip back to the Midlands 3 years ago and don’t miss it. When I do go back, it seems to be worse than ever. Scum everywhere.

    1. Mad Tiger

      Sorry to have to say this to you Tim. I feel like I’m letting you down.
      You’ll never catch me in Quint’s idyllic Midlands, so I cannot kill you.

      Come back to Dublin.
      Remember how to live again.

  16. Haze

    The traffic cams in the area dont record so they wont be of any help. However if there was a statement made to the gardai, they should have made an enquiry in the local businesses there to see the CCTV footage. If they didnt do that you could ask the businesses yourself and give them the date and time. I dont think you yourself would be able to go through the footage but the managers would and possible pass it on. Do check with the gardai first and if they havent done it ask them why not for a start and then maybe get on to it yourself.

  17. Chester Goodbody

    Im surprised that people are surprised by this.
    The area you describe was always that way.As a matter of fact I’d go as far to say that almost every area of Dublin City centre has been the scene of more serious violence than this within the last week.
    Nobody will give a toss about this as anyone in Dublin City centre doesn’t get involved in helping anyone in precarious situations.The Garda just want to appear in Love Hate or are working toward their pension.
    They are also,unfortunately useless and are and obstruction rather than an asset.
    Welcome to Dublin 2014,I never go to the city anymore as its sad to see how the decay of a society reflects on the people who live there.

    1. Chris Cassidy

      Dead right. I managed the Brewery Hostel on Thomas st for a couple of years and the guards would regularly ask if we had anything recorded on camera because, (once again), there’d been a serious assault outside. Nope. That’s only the shell of a camera there on the wall. No camera in there at all. Even if it was recorded what would they do with it. My old neighbour was a guard. He admitted it’s not so fun to arrest someone and watch them dance thru the court system, again, to be seen shortly back on the streets collecting more convictions to be sure to be sure.

  18. Mad Tiger

    Lookit, it’s as simple as this;

    If you walk like like a victim in ANY major city you’ll become a victim.
    London, Paris, New York, Berlin and even Dublin. It’s kinda guaranteed.

    Swing a bit of swagger, let it look like you know where you’re going.

    You people!

    1. Mad Tiger

      I should admit, I’ve never, ever been to Berlin.
      :Perhaps you can prance around like a tit over there, spilling beer over each other like nobody’s business.
      It certainly looks like it from the photos I’ve seen.
      -And that’s precisely why I’ve never wanted to go there.

      I don’t want the beer..
      I’m not interested in the tits. (I’m a leg man.)
      -And they can stick their sausages up their ar

    2. Chris Cassidy

      Except that Dublin is not a major city. It’s a small city. With big city problems. That’s what sets it apart. Because it is so UTTERLY TINY your chances of getting hurt here are increased. That same way everyone thinks it’s cute that when you go for a walk you bump into people you know, means you know the people getting hurt and your chances of getting hurt by the people who repeatedly hurt people are high. I’ve had a friend tell me, “how do you know these people? I don’t know these people.” As the conversation shifted, I counted literally ten people that I know who’ve been hurt here that he knows.

  19. Alex

    Been to Berlin and all the rest.What happens in Dublin would never be allowed in any of the other major city’s.
    The police will crack down on you like the military and are equipped the same.
    It is the ONLY way to have control over these scumbag-losers,who literally have nothing to lose and the brains of a 2yo.

  20. megamind

    I’m not saying I support it or not but this is straight up globalisation / europanisation that’s to blame.
    It doesn’t matter how many minions you get on the radio talking about ‘IT skills shortages’ where they neglect to mention only those with Masters/extensive experience need to apply, this means nothing to you average Joe who can’t feed himself and has to watch Chinese, Indians, Albanians.. driving around in BMW’s. It might make economic sense to you but it won’t to him and this is only going to get a whole lot worse..

    1. Kieran NYC

      “It’s not their fault they’re violent scum, sir. Someone else has a nicer car than them! AND he’s brown!”

  21. Paul

    I took up self defence training many years ago, inspired by precisely this kind of carry on. The type of training I took up was Krav Maga – very easy to learn and realistic training for street situations. Thankfully I’ve never had to use it. I’d advise anyone who plans to be out in Dublin after dark to take up KM or something similar. It’s clear that we cannot rely on anyone but ourselves now as Dublin has simply been abandoned to scum.

  22. brendan

    it about time people started sticking up for themselves
    im not talking about individually,but as communities working together
    if people did that then i dont think scumbags like this would stand a chance

  23. Procrasto

    vermin, no justice in ROI so why would they fear the courts. need parasites like that off our streets not on them

  24. Johnantmoo

    The police don’t do an awful lot about cracking down on this kind of social misbehaviour because of the inadequacies of the courts system. The best course of action (and I’m sure the Garda would agree, privately) would be to catch the miscreants as they cause their havoc and take them around the corner and give them a good hiding. 3 or 4 of those examples of justice and the scumbags who make our streets unsafe would think twice about how they behave. Unfortunately, the goody-goodies in the country who haven’t been affected by this kind of behaviour, have made it impossible for the Gardai to effectively patrol our streets. I grew up in a part of Dublin where the Guards would take you in and give you a kicking just for giving them a bit of verbal. Needless to say, we didn’t do it very much.

  25. markgdub

    I see the, “God, I hae Ireland, we are such an embarrasment, what if a tourist saw that, I am moving to Bahgdad as it is safer for women and people in general”, reactionary commentators are out.

    Hopefully you get some closure Nessy.

  26. bobsyerauntie

    Dublin has always been dodgy, apart from a few years in the 90’s when E and the rave scene made all the scumbag/head-the-ball/headcases much less violent. I remember the days of sides, the asylum, the temple of sound, all social classes buzzing off their faces on good E- you could be raving with a gangster who would be your best friend by the end of the night…

    All that changed with the Celtic tiger, when greed took over, Coke heads filled the clubs, people became ruder, meaner and inequality grew..

    Then we have our financial meltdown in 2007/2008 which has now developed into a fully blown societal meltdown…Cuts to police services, youth services and social outreach programmes to disadvantaged communities coupled with massive youth unemployment, a corrupt government, police and judiciary doesn’t help to quell the flames of rage from the already massively discontented and disenfranchised- unemployed youth. Angry youth who come out on weekends to drown that rage in drugs and alcohol end up taking that rage out on people who they perceive to be better off than them… Dublin is a dangerous shit hole because Ireland and Irish society has been rapidly going down the toilet for several years now (or perhaps double that- of you include the obscene Celtic tiger years – which I count as the beginning of the decline)…

  27. Matts

    Dublin has always been a cess-pit of marauding, scabby thin cock-knuckle bullies who travel in packs that would put rabid dogs to shame (actually, most towns in Ireland now that I think of it, I thank Allah I left the kip 20 years ago). Scum, sub-human scum. I propose all those chaps (and chapettes) out there that do body building form some sort of guardian angel group like what they have in murica and actually put themselves to some use for the betterment of our moribund soceity and not waste their time taking fatuous snaps of theyselves. You know what I’m saying?

  28. Jorge

    We need to do something to change this, rather than just accepting it. It’s all very easy to say that it’s hopeless, but it’s not – cities like New York have majorly cleaned up their act and formerly dangerous areas are now safe. Why should Dublin just accept that being beaten up occasionally is a normal occurrence for locals and tourists alike?

    This article, and especially the comments, could be the start of a movement. Nearly every comment, from random people, confirms that what happened to Nessy and her friends is normal. People say that the Gardai don’t or won’t or can’t do anything, that the court system lets the perpetrators off and that the general public is too scared (or too indifferent) to intervene. These are all things that can change.

    You can choose to be a cynic (which is obviously cool and more fun), or you can try to be part of the solution to this.

    If you’re willing to be part of the solution, there are things you can do:

    The first thing is to figure out who has the power to change this, and start making it impossible for them not to act. For example, there are politicians whose job it is to decide how the courts treat perpetrators. They need to be re-elected. There are senior Gardai and civil-servants who decide policing policy, and they need to avoid being publicly embarrassed. The Dail decides on how much money to allocate for policing in Dublin, they need to hear (i.e. in the procedings of the Dail itself) TD’s describing the problem so that if they choose not to act, it is on the public record. Tourism Ireland risks losing millions if people stop coming to Dublin because it is perceived as dangerous, or if the locals start being perceived as indifferent and unfriendly – they have a very strong motivation to act on this. And so on.

    We can confront every one of these and give them a choice of two responses. The first is to publicly say “I don’t have a problem with the level of unprovoked violence in Dublin today,” which I think very few would say in public. The second is to give an answer of what they plan to do about it. And then we need to pressure them to actually do it. How? Well, just sharing this link would be a good start. I’m pretty sure not many of the people I mentioned want twitter and facebook users all over the world seeing stuff like this about Dublin, especially if you were to share it with specific mention of the names of the TD’s and the senior Gardai who should be responsible for changing it. Make it personal. Don’t blame “The Gardai” or “the politicians” but use their names – that way they can’t just ignore it. Make them take a stand.

    And the bouncers and doormen – if they just stand and watch, name and shame them. If they intervene and try to help, praise them. Don’t just generalise about “doormen” – like everyone else, they are individuals, and we can motivate them to be a force for good.

    And most of all, there are “the plain people of Dublin”, who are sick of these thugs ruining our city. Even if it’s dangerous, we can change our mentality. If just a couple of people had intervened to help Nessy and her friends, maybe many more would have had the courage to help. It’s always harder to be the first. And if the Gardai literally don’t have the power to do anything, then even mob-vigilante-violence against violent attackers is better than nothing. If we just let this happen, we’re already accepting defeat, becoming part of the problem. OK, so maybe they can have 7 guys there quickly to support the one guy – but there are probably 70 decent guys in the nearby pubs, if only they were willing to help.

    Nessy, I hope you get an answer, and I think it’s fantastic that you’re at least trying to do something about this, and not just accepting it lying down. I hope you can inspire many others to start doing the same!

    1. Niallo

      I’m with you Elliot Ness, and i too remember the halcyon days of the 90’s….
      However times change, if the suggestion is some sort of vigilante activity… In this day and age it needs to be a group activity. Of the anonymous, random variety.
      Theres no room in this modern world for a “death wish” style vigilante, just wont work.
      For a solution may i make a “batshit crazy” suggestion? a “flash mob” or more accurately a “flash hospitalise a group of scrotes at random” mob.
      Needs to come from no particular group, pub, or direction, men, women, bus drivers, clubbers, hen do’s, cabbies, street sweepers, young, old all of us. Standing together, to once and for all, flush these turds into the liffey.
      It needs to appear to be random, to be done without dialogue, pity or explanation to the scrotes in question and the perpetrators will need to disperse immediately the job is done, and remain silent thats a big ask, i know (dont worry the cops will think about breaking it up and then turn a blind eye, as usual). Then…
      …the word goes out on the scummer grapevine, some believe, some dont, some random retributions may take place, some claim a big black bat is to blame… the process is then repeated a few days later or perhaps the next weekend.
      Only this time, one scrote is left untouched, the message is given to him, “leave the city centre voluntarily or leave in a hearse, spread the word”
      Or to paraprhrase Sean Connery from the movie the untouchables, “they pull a knife, you pull a gun, they put one of your guys in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the fukin morgue !”
      Anything short of that is meaningless rhethoric, which lets face it, paddys are great at.
      Short of that, best of luck getting activity out of our fatted public servants, wont happen.
      Boys and girls, it’s your city, and to paraphrase a popular theme on this site “IS it for this ?”

    2. Artemis

      You just need to walk with a strut like you mean business, a-la John Travolta in Stayin’ Alive, apparently like.

  29. vanjasper

    Dublin is a dangerous kip. Always was, and until we get some real police, not the cowardly cnuts we have now, it always will be. I live in an Eastern European city for the last 5yrs now, and can walk the streets or parks any hour of the day or night with no problem. It is not unusual to see women walk alone through badly lit parks late at night. There is nothing to fear. One of the reasons may be that there is no pub culture here. Plenty of restaurants and cafes where you can have a meal or just a drink and leave in total safety. It is about people’s attitudes and proper policing, with real consequences if you break the law.

  30. Caroline

    The year is 2014. The CCTV cameras are empty. Dublin is a dark, dangerous place. The streets are encrusted with drooling addicts, feasting on wallets and violence. Wild dogs snap at you from every doorway. Albanians drive aimlessly around in BMWs with smiles that never reach their eyes. Doormen leer. Cops are holed up in their fortresses. Booze-addled bad guys spill from the pubs, bloated with Heineken. Now their second shift begins. And from far away come the shrugs of the ex-pats.

    1. Niallo

      Pity its not dundalk were talking about, then this could be the tagline to a phenominal kurt russell sequel thats been rolling around in the back of my mind for a while, titled “escape from dundalk” works for me, only i would start it with ” in a post apocalyptic landscape…”
      Cop on, troll.

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