20 thoughts on “The New Face Of Irish Telly

    1. Anne

      I know, what a let down.
      Kept coming across their countdown too, for the last few weeks.

      Flicked it on then around 8 tonight, and kept flicking, looking for something.. I don’t know what.. Then I see a logo with UTV Ireland at the corner.. with fupping Emmerdale on. I wasn’t expecting Pat Kenny to do a naked belly dance or anything, but fupping Emmerdale.

    2. Lisa

      Get over yourselves.
      Don’t watch if you don’t want to.
      That’s how the big non-keyboard warriors play.

    1. Rafterysean

      MOR MOR. Where now for Tv3. They have lost 80% of their content. I guess it’s uploaded 24 hr marathons for the foreseeable future.

      1. Odis

        1) Re-run “Friends”
        2) There’s still plenty o’ laffs to be had out of all those old episodes of the “Big Bang Theory” (most popular comedy in the world).
        3) Don’t forget the “Simpsons” Doooooh.

        And that’s just for starters – its just a case of using your imagination

  1. Colm

    Back to de Telly for sum more moralisin’ & pontificatin’!

    How Ireland’s most un-charismatic man maintains such a high paying career will forever be baffling. Someone get Shane Ross and Nick Webb on the case.

    Well at least he stabbed RTÉ in the back. Those money grubbin… Oh… ??

  2. Peter81

    Do Utv still do the Powerpoint TV ads for curtain sales in Banbridge? I used to love those — hurry hurry hurry!

  3. bisted

    …some good may come of this…if TV3 would move Vincent Browne…even an hour earlier…thanks.

    1. Soundings

      + 23 (hours so that it’s broadcast between 10.00-10.55pm, hopefully Vinnie’d still be able to review the next day’s papers, what’s the earliest they come out?

  4. Frilly Keane

    ” not available to viewers in the Republic of Ireland”

    So was it (all this twittery countdown shite included) for this

  5. Niallo

    The point of this seems be becoming apparent, seems to be more to do with distribution rights of sports and such from the larger itv world.
    so they moved sideways and put a whole new channel in place filled with crap, seems a bit extravagant a solution until you look at some of the similar “quality” sat channels on freeview…
    I dont give a rats, fortunately live close enough to the border to still get my itn news fix, lucky old me.

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