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  1. ABM

    Coolhan’s position is untenable at this stage.

    He publicly nailed his secularist colours to the mast quite some time ago – he didn’t get to force his views down other people’s throats and now he’s gone off crying to the Oirish Times. Very childish for a professor – he was parachuted in to a position of influence, got on great with self-confessed atheist Ruairi Quinn (who’s now a dead duck), didn’t get his way and now throws his toys out of the pram.

    The “stick” quote, if true, is but one of many clangers. No doubt there’ll be quite a few more until someone decides to do something about him.

    Anyway, taking money away from the most productive, high quality schools and pumping in to the most unproductive, low quality schools only serves to strengthen inequality and elitism – something the Catholic (universal) Church doesn’t want to see happen to Ireland.

    Finally, what would a young man considering joining the Maynooth seminary think when the chairman of St Patrick’s College openly calls for the destruction of catholic education and publicly promotes secularism in society?

    1. Alison

      7.10am ABM – up early? No doubt a highly fulfilling day ahead of you as a productive and socially functional member of society, n’est-ce pas ABM? For someone who has crowed about their Christmas surrounded by “friends and family” (lol), it is a credit to you that you were able to find so much time over this period to devote to frantically bashing your keyboard nurturing with panache your revealing displacement of activity of peddling a peculiarly warped brand of Catholicism. You’ll forgive me I’m sure for not reading your latest rant but I’m sure, like a fly to the proverbial, you’ll be spewing some more of your delightful bile the second Broadsheet posts about Lucinda Creighton’s new political party. Your “work” is never done ABM eh?

      Still kudos for posting at 7am – your devotion to your art of keyboard bashing even in the early hours shows true dedication to ensuring you will never have to face your own obvious sadness and loneliness. And who needs a proper job, when what you do Is vastly more important, to you at least ABM.

      I will be less than impressed ABM if your abusive reply does not come within the next hour.

  2. Frilly Keane

    Good on ya lad
    Up and at it like that at that hour

    I was only in the leaba meself

    Which makes me wonder when you really started building that post
    But then who really gives a ├╝ck
    Other than you do make be laugh

    And in ten years time, when you and your ilk will be long gone, and I’ll inevitably be bored with the class of 2025, I’ll remember the commitment and skill of ABM.
    And nod in a fair dues credit where credit is due like type of way.

    Happy New One folks

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