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Earlier: A Terrible Rebooty Is Born

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39 thoughts on “A New Dawn

  1. Joe

    Irish Political Meme is clutching at straws with that comparison, seriously is that the best smart ars3 remark he/she could come up it.

    1. Medium Sized C

      So that people have a common marker to delimit the subject matter of comments and posting on social media.

    1. Joe

      Shamelessly attention seeking by Irish Political Meme, a shame that Broadsheet were suckered in by it. Standards are dropping on this site chaps.

      1. Tucker Done

        Just dropped by to call it as it is Joe? Well done and good luck with your new political party. You’re amazing.

      1. Bonzor

        Half right, half wrong.

        When I checked the home page about 11.30am he was credited at the bottom of the page. He was asking for credit across all uses of the image, which is right, and they replied and said they would.

      1. ThePeoplesHero

        With added Iona Institute…..

        Nice they’re intending to not have a position on same sex marriage vote later in the year…. Very politically astute when trying ton hoover up the FG/FF disenchanted….

  2. sancho

    What is the Irish media’s fascination with Lucinda? Fair enough, she doesnt look like May Harney but I just dont get the media’s “will she/wont she?” narrative. Christ, you’d think she was the next Gandhi. She’s just some former FGer who thought the Irish rules on abortion weren’t strict enough. She’s got next to nothing going for her- except the Irish media. Shane Ross, Stephen Donnelley etc wouldn’t touch her- that says it all. All she is going to be is “FG left”. Most likely, Enda will get the heave before the next election and, assuming she gets elected, she’ll rejoin FG “on the grounds that Enda is no longer in charge and any other reason re abortion).

  3. SADDo

    “Hi can you please give me credit for the picture you’re using in your header? Thanks, regards.”

    Wrong approach. Read what they’re about. So:

    “Hi can you give me a few quid for my innovation and entrepreneurship demonstrated in providing you with a picture you’re using in your header? Thanks, regards.”

    Get with the programme Joe!

  4. Kolmo

    In all of the well choreographed utterances she did not once refer to the people of Ireland as citizens – just consumers. We are all just consumers, stupid consumers in an economy, not a society. Harney referred to patients of the health systems as consumers too.

    Vague, neo-con wank.

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