30 thoughts on “*fizzle*

  1. Irish Guy

    If we spent the same amount as other countries you and countless other people would be giving out saying ‘thought we were broke’, rabble rabble rabble. Irish people are never happy, we always need something to moan about (like me at the minute)

  2. Frilly Keane

    Dublin at least could stretch t’ a bar or three of Ould’Lang

    My Dears

    Even U2s News Years Day?

    It was shamefully pathetic tbh

  3. Muttley

    Yeah lets follow Europe’s lead on that, sure when have they ever steered us down a path that didn’t end up too well before?.. Get a fecking life and go out for a pint on NYE like everyone else instead of filming the city skyline from your balcony like a muppet.

  4. Bingo Slimz

    Slowed it down??? Hmmmm… strange that all the cars still seem to be moving in fast-forward.

      1. Ted

        Not just fireworks but anything that is publicly visible in celebration. I honestly think everyone was sleeping at midnight in Galway. Why does everything have to take place in the pub?

  5. Owen

    If we had one would you go watch it?……Even if you had to pay in to an area to see it?….In the rain?….
    6e a pint?…. and the busses / Darts are only ever hour till 2am?

    It would keep us busy on here giving out about it if nothing else. ‘and the taxes I pay etc’.

    1. Ted

      That’s the thing with fireworks, you don’t have to go to a pub to see them.

      I live over 5km north of Salthill in Galway and this display sponsored by the US Embassy during the Volvo Ocean Race looked amazing from here.

      Surely didn’t cost over a million euro either.


  6. Ger Nalist

    Why the hell would anyone celebrate the start of a year that might be engraved on your tombstone?

    1. ethereal_myst

      To celebrate making it through the previous year without having it engraved on our Tombstone?

  7. Niallo

    Well that cost about €25:00 from the bad boy fireworks hut at carrickarnon.
    The display in london was brilliant ( the london eye would provide the ultimate pink floyd stage backdrop n’cest pas ?)
    The only thing we seem to be good at is drinking and stumbling from one financial crisis to another.
    I’m voting with my feet first opportunity i get.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Well it’ll take some practise but what great patriotic symbolism to show what can be done when we put our minds to something. Let’s ALL vote with our feet.

  8. Eric T

    I live in Holland and the place is like a war zone on NYE.

    BUT (And I’m surprised that this isn’t mentioned)

    Easily 90% came from the fireworks of private citizens (as most of the ones in those other videos seem to be). Yes, fireworks are legal here.
    Leaglise them in Ireland and then you’d get your firework display.
    I’m not advocating legalising them, because I couldn’t give one lonesome shit about whether there is a firework display in Dublin like in other European cities, but that’s the answer to yer question right there.

  9. Spaghetti Hoop

    I think we passed Peak Pyrotechnic some years back in Tigerland. We don’t have to spend millions on them every NYE. They’re the Bollinger of an already decently-stocked cocktail hour. The ‘Procession of Light’ in town was creative, colourful and entertaining and not a firework needed.

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