41 thoughts on “Pot Callling The Kettle Blacker

    1. linbinius

      Seriously folks. Do you really give a monkeys?

      Apart from a possible copyright infringement (huh?) it is completely reasonable to do this with the help of a snazzy font.

      It is a business. It is marketing. Please enlighten me to how this is morally corrupt or irresponsible in anyway?

        1. Mister Mister

          No idea Medium C, come people are just nuts.

          Fully agree with your sentiment though, the person who wrote the press release is clueless.

        2. Linbinius

          No, it was posted in the wrong place. Hold my hands. I am indeed nuts. I clicked the reply button the midst of a breakdown.

          Thought the (huh?) was enough to indicate i….

          Yeah. Keep up the great work.

      1. Just sayin'

        Copyright infringement? Do you even know what copyright is? It’s closer to trade mark infringement, but its not even that.

  1. Parochial Central

    They’re right to call Burton on this. She expects the red carpet to be rolled out for her in Coolock and other places and then wonders why it’s not. You’re the minister for homelessness, social welfare removals, and austerity Joan, that’s why.

    Why doesn’t Burton get on to Wetherspoons? Their prints are *cheaper* than what the pub here was offering. Of course, middle class people can drink cheap booze responsibly, can’t they? All that discretionary income …

    1. Wayne.F

      Weather spoons don’t use the social welfare logo on their adverts so it’s none of JB’s business

    2. diddy

      I think joan Burton should be given heroes welcome in coolock and clondalkin for it is she who kept the dole at 188 a week.. I was on it.. its generous.. ask the greeks about their dole buddy? or the brits for that matter..

      1. Odis

        Yes, I think Joan deserves a great deal of praise for keeping the dole at €188 a week, despite pressure from her cabinet colleagues.
        But hey this is Broadsheet, so you are supposed to say that she’s ignorant and arrogant and conspires to divert loads of money to enrich the lives of her fat cats m80s.

  2. Kieran NYC


    Ooh I should take a picture of this hilarious spelling mistake and send it to Broadsh…. Oh.

  3. Spartacus

    Was Phoney Joany speaking under Dail privilege when she criticised this independent business? If not, I look forward to hearing the outcome of the suit for damages.

    1. Pablo

      Er, I think you’ll be waiting a while for that one. or you can just make it come true in your head movies, if you prefer.

  4. martco

    I welcome any comebacks against our very own wannabe Maggie Thatcher…she’s a slimeball politician & simply not credible (jesus Labour what happened to yez atall ffs)

    1. Pablo

      Maggie wouldn’t have kept the dole at nearly 190 yoyos throughout the worst recession in the history of the State. You’re talking through your hole, chap.

  5. LooseCannon

    Typical legal drug pushing rubbish. All dealers in alcohol would do well to remember how much their product is linked to homelessness and hospital overcrowding

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Would they now?
      That’s a handy, simple world view you have there. My parents own a pub, so they are partly to blame for hospital overcrowding around the country at the moment. I’ll make sure to remind them of that next time I speak with them.

      1. scottser

        there’s a very curious dialogue in addiction circles that separates personal responsibility for using a substance from the consequences of its use. it’s evident in the case of alcohol use as demonstrated by the drinkaware.ie site – the aim of which is to place all consequences of drinking back to the consumer, implying that alcohol itself is not addictive. this is despite the fact that criminal acts committed while under the influence are grounds for diminished responsibility – a huge double standard and mixed message that for an alcoholic can be a justification for further use and the long-term denial that a problem exists.

  6. B Hewson

    The Hypocrisy – Why shouldn’t unemployed people drink for cheap with a government logo. The Dail bar is where elected Irish people can go and drink alcohol during work hours at cheap prices subsidised by the taxpayer where the national crest adorns the wall. Would the Tanaiste make a statement on alcohol consumption of her colleagues during the working day in the Dail. Shut the Dail bar!

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      “cheap prices subsidised by the taxpayer”

      Incorrect – there’s no below cost selling, the place just doesn’t turn a profit.

      1. B Hewson

        Same difference. Cheaper because the bar doesn’t have to pay the overheads, rents and taxes and try make a profit another bar would.

  7. Kieran NYC

    “Yeah, come here as soon as you get your dole! Give it all to us before you go home and spend it on your family!”

    That’s why this is such a dick move. There’s a huge history of that happening in Ireland and the ad plays up to that same old sh1t.

  8. Vin

    Still, a pub in a shopping centre…
    It’s enough to make most put a pistol on their mouth. At least the booze is cheap.

      1. Just sayin'

        I’d say you’re the first person to compare Powerscourt to the Northside Shopping Centre.

      2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        Pygmalion? Heh. Hipster heaven. I wonder if they’ve gotten rid of the rotten smell of sewage that used to be in Bar Mizu or whatever it used to be called? I don’t think the plumbing under the Powerscourt has been updated since they built it.

  9. Odis

    “Here you are Mr. Tesco – here’s €10 Mill. Make sure the poor get a good drink out of it”
    “Right you are Joanie love”

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