43 thoughts on “There’s Only One Gavin Jennings

  1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    People’s pride in their titles tickles me pink.
    Get over yerself, Dr Jennings, I presume.

    1. DD

      Indeed. I asked a customer for her name recently, she took the pen and paper from my hand and scribbled Dr.Khan in bad handwriting. I had to call her a few days later is I asked to speak to Drrrkan

      1. rotide

        Whatever he is, he’s not thin-skinned since the article clearly isnt about him in any way.

        Egomaniacal maybe?

        1. Mick Flavin

          I meant thin-skinned in apparently thinking the article might reflect badly on him. You’re right though, poor descriptor.

  2. Odockatee

    I think Colm Williamson is a lovely name and you shouldn’t have to change it because of Dr Poopy Poo

  3. Healy Rae's love child.

    Gavin needs to get a life. He also needs not to use his ‘Dr.’ title, they’re two a penny.

  4. Sniffin

    Seems a bit shitty of Colm Williamson be posting private correspondence like that on the internet.

  5. Professor Javin Gennings

    Broadsheet, kindly take this post down.
    Thank you.

    Professor Javin Gennings

  6. pissedasnewt

    He’s so vain, he probably thinks that article is about him
    He’s so vain, he probably thinks that article is about him
    Doesn’t he, doesn’t he? as Carly Simon once said-ish..

  7. tonyc

    Does Dr. gav not realise if the post referred to him it would say “Dublin man Dr. Gavin blah blah blah”. Maybe he should take two tablets a day for a week and come back to see me if he does not see an improvement.

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