45 thoughts on “Bus Loafer Drama

    1. Paul

      starving here thinking about melty cheese.
      flashing back to KVI white bread and cheese sandwiches now.

      1. scottser

        see, the ‘yeh big ride’ section of the metro kept these lads in check over the past while. without it, they’re just letting themselves go..

  1. Dave

    If his feet stink, fair enough. Otherwise, at least he’s not putting his dirty shoes on the… errr dashboard?

  2. Anomanomanom

    Why not mind your business, especially since he’s clearly not interfering in your space

  3. deliberately trolling

    people should be wayyyyy more concerned my all the breath condensation dripping down the windows because people won’t open a window

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      For sure. I’ve just had a conversation with someone about the importance of ventilation in winter and the reoccurring cold virus if you don’t. Basic hygiene.

  4. Tibor

    Hop off the 9, get on the 13 and get the stench of fresh hash and heroin if that’s a cosier smell for you, or would you rather not photograph people engaged in that?
    No, they probably wouldn’t react too well to that, but some guy with his shoes off is newsworthy? We all routinely share buses with people with far worse body odour than any mere feet can generate, get over it.

  5. Miami Dolphin's Barn

    Bill Burr has a great bit on wanting to kill people like this (on a plane) in his new special :)

    1. munkifisht

      Literally take off my shoes as soon as I sit down on the plane. If you can’t smell the farts I’m pooping out, you won’t notice my feet funk (which I don’t have as I wear clean socks).

  6. JimmytheHead

    Dublin Buses are closer to coffin ships in this weather. Failure to provide adequate services to compensate for more people, plus the “As a mother” types to insist in driving their precious darlings to/from school if more than 3 drops of rain fall

      1. Gubu

        Some fellow had his kid asleep on two seats on the train last week

        It’s a packed train

        I asked him if he had paid for two seats for the kid and he snorted as if it was the funniest thing he ever heard

  7. Ride This Pony

    JFC ( That’s Jesus Fukcing Christ in case you don’t know)

    First World Problems!

    Build a bridge and get over it!

    Ride Me

  8. edalicious

    Ah for flips sake. If there is some serious foot stank going on then you’ve got a fair point but if not, cop the flip on. What is peoples problem with other people taking their shoes off?

    1. Malta

      Feet are discussing, and by extension, socks. Keep them to yourself.
      In summer, if you must show of your feet, you should try to keep them as non-disgusting as possible.

  9. Reegore

    Put down the phone, get yer head out of yer yer cyb-arse-pace and back into the real world, and:

    A-converse with said person
    B-move seats
    C-stop whinging

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