Controversial Choice


U2 join Sinead O’Connor, Damien Rice, Delorentos, James Vincent McMorrow, The Gloaming, We Cut Corners, Rip Tide Movement and Hozier on the shortlist for the 2015 Choice Music Awards [Irish album award].


43 thoughts on “Controversial Choice

    1. Dan

      They were a good idea. Look at past winners and nominees

      The original aim was to get more airplay and exposure for Irish artists overseas. Now it’s a load of me hoop, the record labels have gotten more involved and the whole thing is about promotion. The judges this year have also obviously missed the point completely.

  1. missred

    WTF, none of those apart from (at a push) We Cut Corners, The Gloaming and Hozier are the sort of stuff that should be up for the Choice. And as for U2, I’ll leave that for the rest of ye to knock out (or knock Bono out, either/or)

    1. Dan

      I actually think having Hozier in there is pretty pointless. Have a look at how far up the Coachella bill he is. There is no need for him to be there.

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        Gosh. I’d never seen her before. Out of two, I’d give her one. If I had a willy, like.

  2. Smellyer

    Thats a silly bunch of people to put forward for an award which openly models itself on the Mercury Prize.

    Imagine what people would say if a new rolling Stones record was nominated for a mercury prize. Sillyness.

    1. bob

      Usual nonsense here… I think it’s a pretty decent list!

      Mercury Prize is no different. David Bowie, Radiohead, Blur, Coldplay, Pulp, Oasis, Van Morrison, Take That, and yes, U2 have all been nominated for Mercury Prize, and all long after they were massive.

      1. LiamZero

        Completely wrong on almost every count. Considering Radiohead’s last nomination was for In Rainbows (one of their best), Blur’s was for 13, Coldplay’s was for X&Y, Pulp’s was for This Is Hardcore, Oasis’s was for (What’s The Story) Morning Glory, Take That’s was for Everything Changes (when Robbie Williams was still in the band) and U2’s was for Achtung Baby, you could hardly argue any of those albums were released “long after they were massive”. Also, Bowie was nominated for The Next Day, which was an excellent album.
        Anyway, you’re also missing the (original) point of the Choice Awards: they are not modelled on the Mercury, they were set up to promote unsung Irish artists and offer them a platform. Nominating U2 is ridiculous, as is putting forward Aphex Twin, for even more reasons.

        1. Hank

          Ehhh, yes you could.
          Each of those bands had already enjoyed pretty massive commercial success when they released the albums that you’ve listed..

  3. Mulch

    Broadsheet clickbait:

    Una Mullally is one of the judges on the panel.

    Que meltdown in 3……….2………..1………

  4. ivan

    If Hozier going on the shortlist is against the spirit of the prize, then quite simply they need to build into the rules (or the about section, linked to above) something along the lines of ‘if you’ve sold over X albums/downloads, or played to more than Y thousand people’ you can’t win. I’ve no problem with the prize being for beardie dudes recording lo-fi acoustic songs of loss toss in their bedrooms, selling it to 5 people and being nominated. However, the organisers need to be clear about it, and once they are, the rest of us don’t need to worry about something not going with the ‘spirit’ of the compeition.

    Obviously U2 shouldn’t be there; they’ve been inducted in the rock and roll Hall of Fame. Ten years ago. They don’t need any ‘increased public awareness’

      1. ivan

        It’s fine – don’t get me wrong – every sodding award EVER boils down to a distillation of personal opinion. There’s nothing wrong with finding Hozier bland. There’s nothing wrong with finding U2 bland. There’s nothing wrong with finding either of them bloody brilliant. And the same goes for any of the other act nominated.

        My point is that excluding Hozier, on the rather nebulous grounds of going against the ‘spirit’ of the award, carries with it the vague whiff of snobbishness. It appears that the view expressed by you, (correct me if I’ve misunderstood you, please) Dan, was that basically he’s had a boatload of success and somebody else should be there in his place. But in saying that, you’re essentially saying ‘This is no longer about the quality of the set of 12 songs he released, but rather this is about the quantity of sales/success/bums-on-seats those 12 songs schieved’; it’s now that we’re to make a value judgement on the album – a feckin DEBUT album at that – and deduct from this achievement/merit on the basis of the fact that it’s actually been ‘popular’.

        is that slightly less reductionist?

        1. Dan

          Hi Ivan!

          You can replace the word ‘spirit’ with function. What is the point of the award? Why does the Choice Music Awards actually exist? In past years it was to provide exposure for domestic bands that deserved a more international audience. Now I wouldn’t go giving the Best Sailor In Ireland Award to my local taxidermist, it just wouldn’t make sense. I also wouldn’t nominate U2 or Aphex Twin for an award that is supposed to increase their exposure to international audience. It just wouldn’t make sense.

          No one is making a value judgement on the music itself, what is at issue is the functioning of the award and it’s effect, which has largely been completely nullified by these nominations, and in so doing destroying the point and function of the award. It is perfectly fine to exclude Aphex Twin, Hozier and U2 from an award that is supposed to honour emerging talent. These talents have already emerged.

          1. ivan

            A’right Dan

            Yeah – lookit i SEE where you’re coming from. I know what you’re getting at. I nodded as I read it. What I’m trying to get at is don’t you have to draw up some class of ‘metric’ then to quantify who should/shouldn’t be in the running? Yes yes yes, I made a nasty comment about chaps with beards and, (confession time) dammit I’ve got an acoustic guitar myself, but you do see where I’m coming from? You’ve got somebody who’s done fairly well in terms of impact here, but possibly still couldn’t get arrested if he walked down Oxford St…the album has sold ‘grand’ internationally, but maybe giving *him* the oomph to make a real Irish success story abroad – well there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?
            Yet at the same time, I don’t like the notion of a situation where we plug something, or give it an award, or whatever just BECAUSE it’d up the profile and give it a shot overseas. I dunno, lad, at the end of the day, I think I reacted to what I percieved in your point as the genesis of a backlash. I’m not even the biggest fan of the tall lanky flute!!!

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