30 thoughts on “The Answer Is Still No

      1. The Old Boy

        Well known for the miracle of turning groundwater into filtered, chlorinated, analysed-for-contaminants water pumped to your house at pressure.

          1. The Old Boy

            Those lucky enough to live in the vicinity of such springs generally utilise them. Fat lot of good if you live on the North Circular.

          2. Zuppy International

            Well they have pipes to bring them fresh water, built and paid for already; held in trust for the common good, not the private sectional interests of Blueshirt cronies.

          3. Zuppy International

            The maintenance allegedly costs €1.2 billion per year collected through VAT and motor tax. Oh, Universal Social Charge and Local Property Tax are also supposed to contribute.

            Wonder where that money goes?

          4. ReproBertie

            Maintenance costs don’t remain the same year on year. The level of leaks is evidence enough that sufficient maintenance is not being done. Also waste water treatment is not up to the task and needs more investment.

            Of course the extra money needed to get things up to scratch might be easier to find if FF hadn’t signed us up to cover the bank debt but they did so, for now, we’re stuck with it.

          5. Zuppy International

            Stories about leaks are hearsay unless they are accompanied by actual evidence leading to proof. This yarn about 40% of water being lost is thrown about with nothing much to back it up. They’ve been talking about this problem for years but deliberately failed to act on the so-called leaks in order to make Irish Water seem like a reasonable/necessary option. Unfortunately for their cover story, Irish Water seems to be all about the revenue and nothing about the maintenance.

            The state has collected revenue from the people for water services for decade. I ask again, where did it go?

  1. theo kretschmar-schuldorf

    6 people responsible for choking up most of North City centre this morning and bringing misery to thousands of commuters?

    1. Bejayziz

      they were blocking access to Oxmanstown road for the Irish water vans only, anyone else could pass! The irish water crowd are the ones who stopped in the middle of the road as you can see in the above pic, they could have moved on when they seen they werent getting in,

      1. smoothlikemurphys

        “they were blocking access to Oxmanstown road for the Irish water vans only, anyone else could pass!”

        This isn’t how traffic management works. As soon as there is anything causing a delay, it makes a ripple effect, reducing the effectiveness of the existing traffic light system and generally making it a pain in the hole for the vast majority of people who are just trying to get on with their day. Cheers, protestors.

        I’d seriously doubt the ability of a water protestor to selectively block access for IW while simultaneously allowing the free flow of non IW vehicles.

          1. NiallJames

            I’m not quite sure how a tool this makes.

            Are you suggesting that only residents should be driving on North Circular Road or Oxmanstown Road?

    2. sickofallthisbs

      Slight exaggeration methinks. Were you late bringing your cat to the vet or something? Did Mr Snugglesworth get angry at you. Your cat hates you. Move on.

  2. Mike

    Really don’t get these guys. If they are opposed to the changes I assume they won’t be paying, so what does it matter if a meter gets installed ????

    I do get they want to protest etc. but not so quick to make a trip over to IW HQ or Leinster House where a protest would be more visible.

    1. ahyeah

      A visible protest in the vicinity of Leinster House, you say!?! Great idea, Mike. How come nobody’s thought of that before?

  3. Disasta

    Start opposing the bank guarantee etc and not services we require to be maintained upgraded and extended.

  4. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    “Enda You Can Not Tax a God Given Gift.”
    Erm, they’re not taxing rainwater.

  5. Blah

    I passed them this morning; about 8 of them – kids included – block the entry to stoneybatter area from North Circular Road – caused about 10-12 IW Vans to be stuck/parked on North Circular Road, which led to absolute hilarity of course, on the part of people getting to work (late), both sides of North Circular Road (from Park, and from Phibs), and caused a tailback all the way up Blackhorse Ave…..good work guys – the direct and indirect cost incurred by private sector and public sector are obviously not a concern of the 8 involved, nor of course will those costs be passed onto the tax payer, ultimately….like I said, great mornings work.

  6. Paolo

    No meters = No measurement
    No measurement = No conservation

    For people who rightly complain that they are already paying for water through taxation there should be a reduction in USC. Now with the meters, people will have the ability to manage the amount of water that they use and there will be an incentive to do so.

    Without meters, we are just pissing water and money away.

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