8 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Odis

    He should have stayed here. He’d be in Spain playing golf with Seanie, instead of having to put up with this kinda crap. Occasionally, you’ve got to really admire the American courts.

    1. Paolo

      Not sure how you come to that conclusion. He was trying to avoid his debts in Ireland so he left for the states and tried to claim sanctuary. Now he has to face his Irish debts in Ireland. He will be bankrupted, his known assets will be seized and his future earnings will be forfeit. This would all have happened much sooner if he had not gone through the U.S. courts.

  2. Loughlin

    Money! A little bald man once had some,
    How Funny! now he has none,
    I’m filled with delight,
    that the judge won the fight,
    and subsequently beat the old Drumm

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