Another Mitchell brother?

A Milk-shilling Munster legend?

We just don’t KNOW.

Cathal McMahon writes:

I know ye don’t usually do this but I’m keen to reunite an owner with their missing, and expensive, GPS. I found the Garmin device near Lugnaquilla on Saturday. It had probably fallen out of a bag and was possibly run over by a car as the screen was smashed.
Despite this, it still appears to be working – albeit in need of a new screen.
Anyway, when I looked at the memory stick there were a couple of selfies of this guy (pic attached) on it. I have tried twitter but nobody has gotten back to me…well apart from one lad who thought it was Paul O’Connell!


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16 thoughts on “Is This You?

  1. Paul

    Try posting on the Mountaineering Ireland page on facebook. Alternatively if you can check if for “Way points” they may have saved their home address as one.

  2. Brian Meskell

    Hi, that’s actually my GPS, I lost it at glenmalure car park last Sat, broke my heart, get I get into co tact with who found it please?
    ( and no I’m not Paul O Connell, but am from ,Limerick)

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