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Pedant writes:

I know you don’t normally do this… But my beloved Claud Butler (above in happier days) was stolen from outside the Swan Leisure Centre, Rathmines, Dublin 6 last night. Is there any chance you could lend a hand…

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25 thoughts on “Get Claud Back

  1. Sinabhfuil

    Let me get in first here:

    Did he have it locked properly?

    What kind of an eejit would cycle in Dublin anyway?

    I saw a cyclist on a path/ going through red lights/ not wearing fluorescent jumpsuit/ no bell on his bike…

    Jihad against cyclists!

  2. Thierry AnMhí

    This morning I saw a pedestrian on the road, breaking a red light and also not wearing a fluorescent jumpsuit / catsuit

    The end of the world is nigh

  3. Thierry AnMhí

    Try some of the second hand bike shops in the area it may have been sold on. Total bummer having your wheels nicked. I’m sure you’ve also contacted the gardaí.

  4. Jimbo

    Condolences on your stolen bike, Claude looked like a rocket – I dread the day my bike is taken. Out of interest (not out of schadenfreude/malice) what kind of lock/s did you have and how was it locked up?

      1. Bingo Slimz

        Sorry your bike was stolen. Happened to me twice in the past 5 years or so. My current bike is faring a lot better, as I don’t lock it anywhere it’s at high-risk of being stolen. That means I don’t lock it many places at all. Locking your bike in public today puts it, lamentably, at extremely high-risk of theft. Risk increases according to fanciness. That bike, outside the Swan Centre, would be robbed again and again and again and again and again. And then again a few more times.

        I hope it was insured. I assume it was. I hope you don’t make the same mistake again. And I know you won’t be using a coil-lock going forward. Good-day.

  5. ahyeah

    Two of my stolen bikes in last year have both appeared on within the week. I got one back with help of Guards. That’s my suggestion, Pedant.

  6. John

    Sorry to hear. My bike was stolen there last year as well. The swan centre does have a camera on the bike lock area so you have to ask the guards to go down and check CCTV. If you say it to the swan centre staff they will make a copy available for guards to collect. In saying that I did all of the above and never heard from them again but worth a shot.

  7. Disasta

    Buy a motorbike chain and lock, no one will take your bike. Takes 10 minutes with a good grinder to get through and very difficult to snip unless you’ve a heavy duty cutter. In 3 years in town that I worked I cycled most days and I still have the bike. No one f**ks with a 10kg chain cause it just takes to long.

    Moaning about the weight? I’d say you’ll moan more about not having a bike to cycle.

    1. Bingo Slimz

      10kg chain? Nah man. That’s just not practical. Or, about as practical as carrying around your own clamp.

      Have you any more stupid advice to offer today or are you done?

        1. Bingo Slimz

          I always do. I’m very generous with loaning it out, and it puts a smile on my face seeing someone else popping wheelies on it.

    2. Soundings

      So, spend €1,000 on buying a racing bike which weighs just less than 10 kg, and a lot of the difference between a €300 bike and a €1,000 bike is getting the weight down from 13kg to sub-10kg. But after paying the premium, then go out and buy a 10kg lock? Bananas.

      That said, I see where you’re coming from. The professionals will carry wire cutters and plug in grinders (plugged into the socket in the rear of the white van).

      I have a couple of bikes and would never park the expensive one in public (gets parked inside gym and even then it’s locked, or inside office or inside homes). It’s depressing really but there is no practical lock deterrent to the professional thief.

  8. John Roberts

    Sorry OP for your loss. Don’t agree with everything that happens in Middle East but chopping hands off the light fingered might help prevent theft. Better than the “it’s not their fault” position that prevails. Too many vested interests in allowing this too prevail for change; time for proper sentencing to be a deterrent.

    1. Sinabhfuil

      Surely it would be better to just catch more of them, institute a proper bike register and regular checking of riders’ frame numbers, and prosecute people who buy stolen bikes? Bike theft isn’t a priority, and it should be because it’s usually among the first crimes that teaches kids that theft pays.

  9. Thierry AnMhí

    I know it’s too late now, but I would recommend the Krytonite New York lock…it’s a brute of a lock but kept my bike safe…so far!

  10. Thierry AnMhí

    I know it’s too late now, but I would recommend the Kryptonite New York lock…it’s a brute of a lock but kept my bike safe…so far!

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