‘I Really, Really, Really, Really Love My Bike’


Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 14.01.16

Amy West and her beloved bike

She writes:

“My bike was stolen from outside my house on Sundrive Road in Crumlin, Dublin on on Wednesday evening. It’s a pink and purple Bianchi with a yellow saddle. I really, really, really, really love my bike, so would be willing to offer some sort of reward if anyone finds it. This is the only picture I have.”


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116 thoughts on “‘I Really, Really, Really, Really Love My Bike’

  1. ReproBertie

    Best of luck getting your bike back. What a stroke of luck that the only picture you have happened to have the bike in it!

    1. Just sayin'

      That’s what I was thinking. I lived nearby for a few months and wouldn’t have left a bin out front, never mind a bike.

      1. ewps

        She was in fact locked out, in the rain and then ended up hiding it to go to the shop, It was stolen in the meantime. :(

  2. Drogg

    I used to live on that road, you must be mad leaving a bike unattended anywhere around there. Hope you get it back.

    1. Sinabhfuil

      Ahem. Continually.

      Sundrive Road isn’t so bad. It’s also not in Crumlin. You can’t leave a bike out anywhere in Dublin now; bicycle theft is an acceptable nixer for adding to one’s meagre wages.

      I hope you get it back. Usual advice: check online advertising sites, check ‘secondhand’ bike shops near the Liffey, ask in your local bike shops where the best place is to look, talk to your friendly local Candomblé practitioner about putting a juicy curse of a case of the Egyptian botch and crotch rot on the thief.

  3. Annie

    Hello. Couple of points: Amy was born in the Coombe so that’s the culchie thing dealt with. Re leaving her bike unlocked, she never ever leaves her bike unlocked but on this one occasion she found herself in a tight spot and had to leave the bike for about six minutes while she went to get assistance. When she returned, from ten yards away, the bike was gone. Re Crumlin, there are loads of decent hardworking nice generous people living in Crumlin who probably resent your remarks. Finally I will give a huge reward to whomever returns this bike. When Amy says she really really really loves her bike she really really really means it. She talks to it. She thanks it every day for getting her home safely. She misses her bike and thinks about being left all alone somewhere. Thank you.

      1. ReproBertie

        The accusation in an earlier post that she’s a culchie as only a culchie would take their eye of their property in Crumlin. .

      2. Mikeyfex

        It’s a hand that scrambles around on the floor and jumps around the place only it’s got cow shite under its finger nails.

      3. ahyeah

        I like how mum says “not a culchie…born in the Coombe, actually”. The Coombe street/area or the Coombe Hospital, Annie? I’m guessing the second. Still a culchie.

    1. Mani

      Is this like in Zombieland when they show the flashback of Tallahassee with his puppy only this time it’s his son?

      1. Soundings

        Yep, I was thinking objectophilia as well.

        But good luck to Amy, it’s a distinctive coloured bike, especially with a yellow saddle.

    2. AnusiaAnusia

      Here here! Hope you get it back Amy. Suri’s in Kimmage. We’ll both keep a look out gurrrrr’ x

  4. Advertising On Police Cars

    if you really, really, really, really love your bike, you should have not left it ourside your house, my 7 year old really, really, really, really loves his bike which is kept locked in the garage until he uses it.

    1. Murtles

      Poor young lad, once he’s out on his bike he can never ever get off it until he safely back in the shed with it under lock and key. So the moral is if you’re away from your house, never get off your bike, ever.
      Don’t think it was left outside her house per Annie’s post (who I think may be stalking Amy because she knows a lot about her. Perchance you can tell us Annie, if that’s your real name, where you were on 7th January between the hours of 18.00 and 21.00 and can you cycle?).

      1. TheQ47

        Amy West is the woman who lost her bike, Annie is probably her mother, the artist Annie West, as Annie West has spoken of a daughter called Amy.

        Just a guess, though…

  5. jungleman

    Also what were you doing outside the courts with the bike? Were you up for bike theft yourself perhaps?

  6. Frilly Keane

    Some good helpings of South Dublin Inferiority Complex going around here today

    The bike was unlocked
    It was a gonner anyway
    No matter where she left it.

    Sundrive Drive Road is a great spot to live
    Great public transport access to any City Location from RDS to Point Depot
    5 / 10 mins walk from two a & e’s Adult Paediatric and Coombe
    Walking distance to Stephens Green
    15 mins from Hueston
    5 mins from Red Cow Roundy
    25 – 45 mins to DAP
    If ya dont fancy the school on the road ish, 8 – 10 mins walk to Scoil Mologa, Griffith ET, Terenure Pres/ Joes
    Dunnes Tescos SuperQuinns local POs etc even less again
    And as far as I know most of those gaffs have off street parking. Not a bad bonus for living in the inner city.
    Also. The Capri. Best chipper in Dublin.
    And theres a Rugbee and Hockey Club minutes away too. James Gate.

    Ye Dubs. Worry less about Area. Focus on location ye’ll find life much easier lads.

    1. jungleman

      You seem to know an awful lot about the Sundrive Rd. Where were you on January 7th between 1800 hours and 2100 hours?

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Take prints jungleman and keep with the questions…….meself and the two lads’ll go for tay. Lyons or Barrys?

    2. Sinabhfuil

      20 minutes to the mountains, or 40 on the (whisper) bike
      Excellent local Lidl at Cork Street or Rathmines, depending on which end you live at
      Ceannt Park/Sundrive Park/WhatShouldHaveBeenCalledPlunkettPark where you can play, walk your dog, stroll up on the plateau football field and gaze at the mountains and the city, or use the velo track or the tennis courts
      Two national schools next door to each other, one of them a Gaelscoil
      Phoenix Park only a shtep away
      Royal Hospital Kilmainham with its wanderable fields and Museum of Modern Art ditto
      15 minutes downhill to the GPO (uphill on the way back, admittedly) on the (whisper) bike
      Many bus routes on or near Sundrive, including 9, 54A, 18, 83, etc – though, weirdly, no Dublin Bikes (oh, sorry)
      Matt the Rashers
      Supervalu – dear, but has things like purple sprouting broccoli and black kale and Lullaby milk, and sometimes Hadji Bey

    3. Drogg

      Frilly on my time living there in the space of a year there was 3 shootings, one pipe bomb two stabbings one of which a guy was killed and I had the back window of my car smashed in a few times so I defiantly wouldn’t say it’s the safest area.

          1. Frilly Keane

            When did a bomb go off in Sundrive Road?

            BTW there is a full whole time Garda Station in Sundrive. So why don’t you nip in and ask.

          2. Drogg

            Well firstly i haven’t lived there since 2009 and secondly one bomb went off in the pub across from superquinn and another was defused under a car.

          3. Drogg

            Wasn’t what the garda told us if you remember 2009 was the height of the gang violence between drimnagh and crumlin gangs.

          4. Frilly Keane

            Fair enough

            But I’d consider that personalised targeted family style feuding. And not an honest descriptor of the D12 communities and what it has to offer residents.

          5. Drogg

            Did I add in the back window of my car been put in on two occasions. I am sure there are nice people there but I didn’t meet any of them.

          6. Spaghetti Hoop

            In fairness Frilly, Crumlin, Drimnagh and Ballyer are all fine suburbs with loads to offer and great links to the city centre but there’s just a few criminal scumbags that ruin it for everyone.

          7. Draxx Ltd II

            I live there at the moment and while it’s very well connected he is correct how dodgy it is. Our house was broken into while we were in it at 9 in the evening for God sake. Took the girlfriend awhile to get over that I can tell ya.
            As for the police station… Absolutely useless shower. We were more or les told to shut up when we were robbed as it was our fault for living in Crumlin. Simply unbelievable attitude. The effectiveness of that Garda station can be judged on the lawlessness in the area. Look at the Dolphins Barn Maxol for Gods sake.

          8. Anne

            if you remember 2009 was the height of the gang violence between drimnagh and crumlin gangs.

            Don’t remember that.

            Donal Macintyre mustn’t a done any programmes on that..

      1. Frilly Keane

        Did you live in Drimnagh?

        Although I know there are a few tasty enclaves in Crumlin. Particularly around Rutland / The Barn. Deffo no shooting n shit on Sundrive.

        And nothing like that around us.

          1. Frilly Keane

            On Sundrive or Old County?

            Either way
            It sounds to me your prissie uptight manners may have prevented you from making the most of what most people love about living in D12.

          2. Drogg

            I never said i didn’t like living there but it wasn’t the safest place to live when i lived there. All i remember was coming home from work late one night to find the road closed and the army bomb disposal parked confront of my driveway. Also my neighbour was an uptight d**khead that got pissy about playing music after 6. So excuse me if my experience wasn’t as pleasant as the wonderful D12 you live in.

    4. TK ickle

      Frilly, you left out Monto Cafe. Best mini/half fryup one can get.

      Amy, hope you get your bike back. Will keep an eye out on the way to Monto!

  7. Simon

    Never on this site, just reading the comments, is this where all the worst people ever talk to eachother?

    Hopefully you get your bike back :)

    1. jeremy kyle

      Hey if that’s the case then it’s better for everyone that we’re all too busy talking shite here on the internet to go out and interact with you “normies” in real life.

    2. scottser

      Youll be old, bitter and twisted like us someday. And therell be a place for you here between rotide and mani where your grammar will be corrected from one post to the next and youf ma’s sexuality laid bare for the entire internet to see. Welcome to broadsheet :)

  8. Aimee Lyons

    who do these people think they are? leaving such rotten, unnecessary comments calling Amy a “dope”, god forbid she went somewhere for 6 minutes and left her bike unattended around the area she lives in for whatever reason. nobody ever really expects that to happen in such a short space of time. calling someone an idiot in this particular situation or any other similar situation doesn’t help anyone. she’s obviously devastated she made the decision to do so, hence her bothering to post this up here HOPING some kind or caring member of the public would have a lead on her bike.
    this is her mode of transport, bikes are mostly pretty expensive and she clearly fucking needs it. those of you with nothing nice to say need to stop TROLLING.
    it’s the 9th of January. sort your resolutions out and quit being such dickheads.

        1. jungleman

          You really have a bee in your bonnet about Crumlin. In fairness now, Crumlin is a rough area compared to much of Dublin.

      1. Anne

        That’s the problem all right, leaving your bike unlocked.

        Where are these bikes ending up?
        This sh*t needs sorting pronto.
        What the fupp are the Guards doing about this?

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I read ’em all, you’re missing the point… if there were any… no really, no other site does ‘you normally don’t do this posts’ for lost and found objects. And it works because of ‘comments’… see, no malice, no hypersensitivity…

      You’re also very much over looking the 125 Facebook shares of her story and the 22 Tweets at time of writin’. :)

      1. Sinabhfuil

        Boards.ie does have a stolen bikes thread, now on its 157th page, having started in April 2011:


        Young West, if you have the frame number, there’s said to be a garda in the Bridewell who has a register of bikes; if you give her the picture and the frame number and an account of the theft at least it’ll be on the system to some extent. She will also advise you on where you could look for your bicycle.

  9. GiGi

    I’m a culchie and trust me, any true culchie will tell you… we wouldn’t take take our eyes off an unlocked bike, not even for a second. We’re cute whooooooooores when it comes to our stuff. ; )

  10. Nice Anne (Dammit(

    Would I be a b0ll0x if I told you not to bother looking on freecycle?
    I would check ebay, Gumtree ect and keep an eye on image search in Google just in case it is posted in a forum for sale. You are very lucky that it is so distinctive looking, it will make the search easier.
    I lost a red trek and was able to trace it for sale on Gumtree. I sent my Dad and my brother to talk to the “seller” who did not need much persuading to leg it but that was after 3 weeks of relentless searching. If your bike goes to a crooked bike re-seller or is sent abroad, you haven’t a hope of getting it back. Sorry to be so blunt but you may prepare yourself for the worst.

  11. Boba Fettucine

    Phew. The hippie girl got her bike back after praying to unicorns and wotnot.

    Now everyone off the the Stoneboat followed by the Shirley House.

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