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Another Trek gone.

Hugh Golden writes:

“I know you wouldn’t even DREAM of doing this normally, but my bike (above) got robbed by ‘youths’ in [Dublin] town on Friday night, and it’s making me sad. I would appreciate it terribly if everyone kept an eye out for it. These bikes have a habit of popping back up around Dublin. At the time of whippage, the right handle bar was bent inwards. It also has a very distinct glow from being loved so much.”


Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 14.01.16

Amy West and her beloved bike

She writes:

“My bike was stolen from outside my house on Sundrive Road in Crumlin, Dublin on on Wednesday evening. It’s a pink and purple Bianchi with a yellow saddle. I really, really, really, really love my bike, so would be willing to offer some sort of reward if anyone finds it. This is the only picture I have.”



Siddig Zeiden writes:

“I know you guys don’t usually do this, but my bike got robbed too, in the middle of day at Pearse St while I went to the Post Office for 10 mins! I had it locked to a pole on one of the corners…It’s a blue Giant OCR3, and it was the love of my life.”




Thanks Richard Dixon

TrekHe’d love to get it back.

Simon writes:

I know you normally don’t do this but..my dad’s bike was nicked from outside the AIB in Rathgar on Friday night. It is believed to still be at large within the Dublin Metropolitan Area.

If anyway has spotted this beauty or has seen any peaked cap scumbags rodeo’ing into the night on it, please let me know…


Ross F writes:

My bike was stolen from our locked shed in Cabra [Dublin] on Monday night. It was actually our first night in the new house so I’m absolutely gutted. It would seem as though I was seen unloading it from my car or going for a quick spin on monday evening. The bike was one that was on sale from Lidl a couple of years ago for 800 euro. It’s a black and white Stratos with an aluminium frame and carbon forks. The groupset is Shimano Ultegra. It has a black bottle cage and a black saddle bag.

Although the bike was available from Lidl it is still rare around Dublin (I cycle daily and I’ve only ever seen one other in the city or up the mountains in 2.5 years), possibly due to the fact that it wasn’t elligible for the cycle to work scheme. I’m a poor graduate medical student so there’s no way I can replace it. Thank you so much for your time and your help. I’m just hoping that one of your readers may recognise it.



1.28am Update: Ross writes: “Thank you so so so much for featuring the bike. It was thanks to the tip offs in the comments that we got it back. It also looks like Oisín, who contacted me via you guys, will be getting his bike back too. Amazing stuff and I can’t thank the Gardaí in Blanchardstown {Dublin] enough. I was involved in a sting operation with them. A surreal experience. I’m still in shock.”

More as we get it.