29 thoughts on “Banking PaddyWhackery

    1. Delacaravanio

      Cheek of him. Corrupt bastard was going to let the kid in for free. I’d say Elaine Byrne is already working on an angry article exposing him and the rest of the crooked carnies that are holding the nation back for generations.

  1. Caroline

    Basically if I’m reading between the lines correctly here, what this ad is saying is that Irish people are callous potato munching alcoholics incapable of genuine interaction with others due to crippling insecurity and self loathing with a post colonial complex and a self-destructive streak a mile wide.

    If I’m reading it correctly that is.

          1. Caroline

            And of course this is all in the context of a society where convicted paedophiles are required by law to wear a green “shamrock” badge.

  2. InGen

    Definitely strange; if only because Ireland is so irrelevant out here; ~quarterly mentions in the local English-language paper relating to church abuse but that’s it.

    1. Chris

      That’s amazing. It’s wall to wall Singapore in the Irish newspapers. I suddenly feel so unloved.

  3. Tony

    Well meaning, rule-bending Irish carny nonplussed by integrity and honesty of Singaporean dad?

    I like that subtext

  4. bisted

    …classic mistake here…banks may have principal but never principle. For example, David Drumm has done his best to hold onto his principal but is not worried about principle.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      He should be sent to see the principle, post 80’s, for some slaps.

  5. Sinabhfuil

    He’s definitely identified as Irish, not just by his accent but by the ‘shamrock’ badge. Sleeveens, not like those honest Chinese bankers.

    1. BillyTwelveTrees

      Why are you outraged?
      He is a whingebag and you are outraged?
      Sounds like a happy couple…

  6. Frenchfarmer

    If the showground operator had been in anyway dishonest he would have said “Have a nice day.” and pocketed the cash.
    The fact that he is portrayed as being more interested in the dad’s motives shows that this advert is portraying him as a measure of honesty.
    If you are paranoid about that then go measure your own honesty because I fear you would have said five.
    And your kid would grow up to say the same.
    Unlike the honest showman and his honest client.

    1. Joe Dolan

      I would have said ‘The kid is three’ as those Carnies come back to the same places annually and the oversize leprechaun would have caught me next year and the year after…

  7. rotide

    what the absolute fcuk is there to be in anyway offended by this?

    Some of the people who send things into this site make muslim extremists look tolerant.

  8. Mark

    Yes this is a dig at the Irish. But why can’t we Irish accept that our banking system was corrupt and without integrity. Exchanging money to prop each others balance sheets for example. You know this type of thing in common in our culture…. A most excellent culture but it aint perfect. Time for the Irish to become self aware and rid things like alcohol Abuse out of our culture. Take this one on the chin, its true we are not honest bankers.suck it up.

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