24 thoughts on “Greatest Broadsheet Clickbait Posts that Never Were (Part 19)

    1. will-billy

      very very good Mick

      A shame I had to waste ten minutes of my life reading the context (ughh!) but you certainly captured the flavour of it succinctly here


    2. Medium Sized C

      The bit where the lad goes all language and the other lad responds with “Russell?” is the best bit.

  1. Mikeyfex

    Jesus that comments section was rough wasn’t it.

    Was just scrolling down through it thinking ‘boy am I glad I took no part in this one.’ Then it started; 14 comments. Fourteen. I now remember feeling a bit like Atrayu’s horse that day.

    1. Mick Flavin

      My one contribution was to “Haha!” at one of your comments, Mikey.

      I remember being on the point of joining the fray several times, having posts typed out before deleting them. In hindsight I was wise…

  2. rotide

    Completely missed that at the time. Thanks be to jesus.

    The only interesting thing in it was there was a comment there from a Kieran. Wonder was it pre-NYC Kieran.

  3. will-billy

    I passed by Pearse train station now

    Pigeon man was there resplendent in his new found fame on broadsheet merrily conversing with his feathered co-stars. He’s had a bit of shave and haircut and looks in reasonable shape. At least he hangs out under shelter and appears to have lots of friends – more than could be said for a lot of folks posting on this.

    The natural light wasn’t great though – so I asked myself “what would Donal do?”

  4. Donal Moloney

    Love it Mick and thanks for sending me the high res. It now sits proudly on my studio wall.

    I now know Martin almost 15 months and have build a great relationship with him. We have had many laughs together and I see him at least twice a week. He still parks himself under the bridge despite me suggesting to try sort some accommodation. He’s a very unique character amongst the homeless as he doesn’t beg, doesn’t have a drink or drug problem and is very content.
    Meeting Martin sparked a homeless project that I’m still working on. Many other homeless characters have also agreed to me documenting their story and I’ve really enjoyed the project. Thankyou Broadsheet and hope to see some of you there on April 15th(March for the Homeless).

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