Liberté, Égalité, Hypocrisie


B7HR7TSCIAAAckHYesterday in Paris

Via Marketwatch:

Reporters Without Borders, a nonprofit crusader for free speech, accused “predators of press freedom” of coming to Paris to advance their own agendas.
“We must demonstrate our solidarity with Charlie Hebdo without forgetting all the world’s other Charlies,” the group’s secretary-general Christophe Deloire said. “It would be unacceptable if representatives of countries that silence journalists were to take advantage of the current outpouring of emotion to try to improve their international image and then continue their repressive policies when they return home.”
Specifically, Reporters Without Borders said it was “appalled” by the presence of leaders from countries like Egypt, Russia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates, all of which score woefully low on the RWB’s press freedom index.



Solidarity, hypocrisy in march on the streets of Paris (MarketWatch) Thanks Judith Goldberger



Des L writes:

I’m no conspiracy theorist, etc, etc. but can you ask Mark Dennehy [Broadsheet-reading firearms expert] if he could examine and explain the footage of the policeman being shot by an AK47 in Paris…

You examine.

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74 thoughts on “Liberté, Égalité, Hypocrisie

  1. Spud

    What exactly does Des want to know / what’s his opinion on the shooting that makes him question it??

    1. Jack Ascinine

      I would ask the same thing. What exactly do you want to know about someone getting shot point blank in the head with an AK? I’ve had extensive firearms training and use and the video footage says it all for me.

    2. Grouse

      Plus one. Genuinely don’t understand. Why is the question so vague? Why are broadsheet posting it? Am I missing something?

      1. Atticus

        There’s a stupid video doing the rounds asking why there is no blood surrounding the policeman after he is shot.

      1. Soundings

        Well, in the movies, the body would be jerked back, there would be background music of some sort, you could hear some meaningful last remark from the policeman and a despicable quip from the gunman, there’d be lots of blood and guts – all absent here.

    3. David j

      There’s also a video that says that the bullet clearly misses his head because the debris cloud arising from the bullet impacting the pavement is away from the cops head. What they don’t realise is that the debris arising from the bullet hitting the pavement would accelerate away from the pavement very rapidly at fist and then when it slows down you see the debris cloud (which looks like smoke). You could not possibly see all of this on a camera phone from 30 metres away, hence it looks like the debris and impact are far from the head. Its the usual complete nonsense from conspiracy theorists.

  2. dylad

    They are so well dressed though and have taken time to polish their shoes etc.. Don’t they make good leaders, at least from that standpoint.

  3. Owen

    There are some crack-pots claiming the cop was never shot. Annoying, deluded idiots. Essentially, they are claiming it was all a set up cause there was no blood.

    No blood = these men were trained by western governments to attack the French and make us all hate Muslim. Therefore, the west governments armed them, hammered out this extremely detailed plan of attack, got world media to focus on it, all in hope we would rally against the East. But alas, at the final hurdle they forgot to give the fake cop a blood capsule and only limited acting training. Hence, the super intelligent and analytical minds amongst us could see it was a set up…. thank god for them…. we are blessed.

    Go back to watching CSI Miami. Clown.

    1. pedeyw

      That’s the classic conspiracy theoryry thinking. Ignoring the overwhelmingly large pile of evidence and pointing out a tiny problem (which generally could be explained by any number of things) as proof of a giant conspiracy.

          1. Formerly known as

            Definitely a coded message to the others who have been assigned to put these types of comments on Broadsheet. Are you Mossad, Mi5, or CIA?

    2. mike

      The French death simulation team should have consulted the guys from NASA that faked the moon landing. Those guys were GOOOOD.

  4. Party mark

    He’s obviously asking as the video has been doing the rounds. It appears the bullet hit the ground and not the police man. There’s also a lack of blood from a shot from an ak47 round to the head. When people post doubt on something that happens there should be no problem with people who are experts giving their opinion.

      1. Party mark

        People are doubting he was shot in the head, direct and point blank, with an ak47. If you watched the videos you would see the doubt that’s being cast.

        1. Owen

          Yes, I have watched them, a number of times. Just because we have nullified ourselves to violence and its images over the past decade or so through the gains in media (facebook, youtude, etc) does not mean a head has to explode for someone to be dead.

          Did you see the video of the 5 men being shot at the Cris Brown concert over the weekend? I didn’t see blood? No. Are they dead? Yes. Did you see the video of Michael Brown dead in the street after being shot a number of times. Was there blood? Yes, but not much. Did you need to see the video of him being shot to confirm the kill? no.

          I have no doubt. He was shot, he is dead. He was doing his job and paid the ultimate price.

          1. Formerly known as


            Apparently, JFK’s head was blown apart by a lone shooter, with a rifle, from about 82m away. This might set people’s expectations at a particular level. I don’t believe in a Paris conspiracy but I reckon there was a battalion having pop shots at poor ol’ JFK.

          2. Paolo

            The slower a bullet hits it’s target the larger the mess it makes. A high velocity rifle fired at point blank range will make a perfect little hole. Fired from a greater distance, the bullet will pull in clothing/skin and deflect off tissue and bone.


          3. ger fitz

            Ok Ok I think I understand what you guys are driving at. Don’t advise anyone to read this if you don’t like gore.
            JFK was shot in the head with a 6.5 Carcano at approx. 80yds/metres. The bullet would have slowed enough at that distance to topple when it entered the skull, helped even more by the slowing effect of the bone (the poor man’s chest didn’t explode on the first shot, because the bullet probably didn’t hit much bone).
            The unfortunate victim in Paris was executed at very close range, when the bullet had maximum kinetic energy. The shock imparted by the kinetic energy caused instantaneous death. The bullet would have made a very small wound channel because it would have been travelling too fast to topple, leaving a “knitting needle” type wound, bullet possibly dug into the footpath the other side, if it did exit (may not have). You don’t bleed when you’re dead, so no blood immediately visible. Some seepage would happen afterwards.

          1. Get fitz

            The 3 shots in 8 (or was it 6) seconds from an equally elevated position, starting at approx 51 metres/yards and ending at approx 80 metres/yards at a target going away at between 5 and 11mph were replicated by expert shots in an investigation by US authorities. It took skill, but not impossible for a trained shot.

          2. ger fitz

            Broadsheet, us shooters sometimes can’t see things like the question for Mark from the lay man’s perspective. Sports shooters often get conflated with terrorists, murderers, bank robbers by people who, when you look at them look like intelligent, reasonable guys and girls, but who have not really thought about the subject.

  5. Soundings

    Is Ireland seriously ranked 16th out of 180 for press freedom (the lower the number the better, Ireland is sandwiched between Switzerland and Jamaica).

    Along with Northern Ireland, we have the most draconian defamation laws in the EU, there’s the blasphemy law, there’s the concentration of ownership of the press with one individual – Denis O’Brien – whose papers account for 54% of the Sunday market and 33% of the weekday morning market, there’s a pisspoor broadcasting authority which in 2012 determined Denis wasn’t in control of Independent newspapers, there’s a craven editorship which removes cartoons, or when it stands up to its proprietor it gets turfed out as chairman, there’s a newspaper that won’t criticise the Gardai lest the Gardai stop feeding it exclusive insider details, etc etc.

    And yet, we’re at 16 out of 180

  6. Dubloony

    Oh FFS!

    Speeding bullet at close range is hot and cauterizes the wound so not a lot of blood shown.
    There isn’t a long lingering camera shot of the poor guy post murder to see it seeping out.

    I agree with his brother, this really shouldn’t’ be shown. This is an actual person actually being murdered.
    Can we just leave it?

    1. Atticus

      I didn’t realise until a day or two later what the picture was.
      I was extremely surprised that so many newspapers went with the image tbh. There are times when the description of what happened is enough, no need for a gruesome picture to help you visualise it.

    2. Gers

      “I agree with his brother, this really shouldn’t’ be shown”

      Believe it or not it is precisely this video / these images of Ahmed Merabet killed in such manner that united the french people and resulted in the mass gathering on Sunday. It needed to be shown, makes a world of difference in understanding the brutality but also to show how professional those djihadists can be.

  7. Major Thrill

    Regardless of what hollywood tells you, bullets don’t always create exit wounds – the skull is incredibly tough. Moreso if you’re a conspiracy theorist.

    1. Major Thrill

      Hit submit a bit prematurely there. Never mind the rest of the body which is a whole mess of things to ricochet and fragment against. Bullets lose their velocity very quickly when they’re not in air. There are several mythbusters episodes dedicated to the effects of various substances on bullet velocity and behaviour that are a decent starting point for learning about this kind of thing.

      1. pedeyw

        Unfortunately Mythbusters have been dismissed by a lot of the crazier end of the conspiracy theorists because of their pretty comprehensive destruction of the faked moon landing “proof”.

        1. Major Thrill

          True. You’d be better served making the argument that the conspiracy theories are themselves a conspiracy to place the blame on specific western governments to garner support for radical islamism with a view towards maintaining instability in the middle east and eastern europe to bump up the prices of the resources produced there by… oooh…. Is the illuminati still cool? No? Rothschild?

          1. pedeyw

            But is it worth adding an extra layer to the bonkers? What bothers me most about conspiracy theories is that they distract from actually awful things going on in the world.

  8. Bren

    Never attribute to malevolence that which can be adequately explained by incompetence. The shooters were incompetent. So is the mainstream media. The commentator makes some comment like ‘only someone with zero experience of an assault rifle would make this mistake. That is correct. Most people, including journalists, have zero experience of assault rifles. Most of their knowledge comes from the movies. So video comes out, they right it up quick and make a balls of it, because they are incompetent. But they can’t admit they made a balls of it, because then they would have to admit that they are incompetent. And who is going to notice anyway. Most people didn’t, even though loads of people have seen that video.

    But it really just is common or garden incompetence.

    I spotted two firearms related errors in the papers on Christmas Day this year, and also last year weirdly enough. This year, in an article on Oscar Pistorius, the journalist mistaked a 9mm parabellum round with a 9mm parabellum pistol, painting a picture of Pistorius using a weapon that was last manufactured in 1908. Last year it was a story about an attempt to import a 50mm sniper rifle into the counter. Its actually a 50 calibre sniper rifle, half an inch hence the 50, and roughly about 12.7mm. A 50mm weapon would fire a round roughly about the size of a can of coke. Here is a 40 mm for reference. A lot of the time journos really don’t quite understand what they are reporting on.

    The shot missed, but the cop still died because he bled out from the previous wound,

  9. Hashtag Diversity

    AKM not AK-47. A muslim is being murdered with it. A muslim who’s culture and faith was ridiculed by a magazine whose right to do so he was defending.

  10. jeremy kyle

    Maybe the shot to the head didn’t kill him, but he was surely already shot by then otherwise why was he lying down on the ground?

  11. Mark Dennehy

    Hey Broadsheet? You have my email and my twitter account, you could have pinged me.
    At which point I could have asked:

    What the fupp is that muppet on about? A police officer doing his job was murdered in cold blood and on video by a lunatic, allegedly in the name of that police officer’s religion – what the hell am I supposed to be able to tell anyone about that that they don’t already know? Do people actually think AK47s and the like are legal anywhere in Europe after we banned them in ’91? Does anyone think you can walk through Paris in body armour carrying assault rifles under some sub-section loophole in French firearms law? Or am I supposed to have any great insight into murder given by a few decades in a sport? Are you going to ask Katie Taylor to comment on the poor sod who was punched in the head in Australia and died?

    FFS lads, cop on.

    1. Mikeyfex

      I don’t think it was a question around the legality of it, dude, the guy was more asking for your experience about the way the human head reacts when you put a bullet in it. Gawh.

  12. phil

    Broadsheet, you went beyond being arseholes posting the comment about Mark under the photo of the murdered cop..

    Ok, someone else sent the comment to you (I think), but you did not have to include it in this post

    Setting up clickbait posts is one thing, but this is ridiculous

    For clarification, I don’t know Mark and I don’t own guns.. I have seen some of his posts here about irish gun laws and he seems to a sensible chap..

    You most definitely owe him an apology

  13. Foxshooter

    Not a very pleasant thing to ask a sports person. It actually says a lot about the person who asked it.a vile,small minded individual.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Me too.
      ‘Ask a Broadsheet Reader’ has taken a grotesque turn.
      Isn’t a question on how a bullet penetrates a human head one for a forensic ballistics team? And would they actually give ‘Des L’ an answer? Who is ‘Des L’ and why does he need to know?

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