Who Are These People?


HPIM3133 HPIM3200 HPIM3231

Shiny happy strangers.

We haven’t the foggiest.

James C writes:

I was checking through some old memory cards and came across some photos on one of people I don’t know.I have no idea how I ended up with these photos and videos. If anybody knows who they are please let me know and I will send the SD card on. There’s a few photos of Bressie on it as well but I won’t hold that against them…


13 thoughts on “Who Are These People?

  1. madouveh on the dole

    Eh, I saw a lad on the street earlier. Not sure if i knew him. Emailed you in the details there. Looking forward to you guys featuring it.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    “Ah James, you blacked out on the bus. And it was only Aldi Champagne. We borrowed your camera and your boa – cheers.”

    The Girls.

  3. Sarah

    I know who they are, I’ve contacted one of them on Facebook just now with the link to the story. Ye should be hearing from them soon.

  4. Caroline cavanagh

    this is extremely strange as these are my pictures .. I didn’t even know I had lost any memory stick or anything containing them .. Please email me further on this ..
    Thanking you,

  5. Joe Dolan

    They’re all from sligo. And the good lookin’ blonde wan with the sunglasses on her head is a daughter of the fella that owns the bus.
    Now fer Ya!

  6. James C

    UPDATE: The strangers have been found and the photos are on their way to them (Via Australia where James is now)

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