66 thoughts on “Are You Fighting Fit?

    1. Andrew haie

      Nobody have any replies no discrimination towards me for my disability no more threats to my life no more responses about people breaking law on deformation of character
      I think today this is clear I won this debate
      Shame on people who wrote those comments

      You will never break me

  1. Mr. T.

    That’s completely fake and most likely just typical dirty tricks from some giddy Young Fine Gaeler who wears suits to bed in case he has to get up in the night and shaft someone out of money.

      1. Bacchus

        `the done deal ad offers SF evidence of illiteracy…
        Ireland is improving in any form in terns of money were in more debt type in Ireland debt google thats how easy is to prove were not improving in terms of health walk into any hospital tell me that Reach’s your standards ask yourself is that what Michael Collins wanted at end day terrorism definition is one fine Gael and labour have defined if we don’t move as one we are nothing

        1. Andrew

          I repeat I have dyslexia if you get your kicks out of putting people down who have disability then I feel sorry for you its health and fitness I am trying to help stop suicide and homelessness
          people are dying everyday because of it you stupid fupp

    1. C Sharp

      So that’s your most likely scenario then?
      Not some loony toons chancer, but a Fine Gael-er in a crumply suit?

      I’d stay out of the bookies.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      It is. Once you sign up and get the richly coloured inkjet print-out of your wall emblem you’re a Shinner for life.

    1. Andrew

      It’s a choice like how people decide to donate to concern and other important charities unlike water charge its forcing people to pay who can’t pay charge

    1. Mani

      Out of the phone booth it’s the worlds sh1ttest superhero! During the day he’s mild mannered moron jock but by night he’s mild mannered moron banotti!

    2. Andrew haie

      Again deformation of character by calling sinn fein facist you have again broken law that statement is not true they are democratic party they can if they wish sue you on those grounds for deformation

    1. Andrew

      You want talk about terrorists Fine Gael and labour took medical cards off disabled children who were dying they cut the services for mentally ill people who needed beds Jesus Christ

  2. JimmyC

    That said, if we could extract the balaclava nordie overtures, this blueshirt troll is onto a good idea. The Irish Citizens Army was founded during the lockout because the DMP were so heavy handed with protesters. They drilled in Croydon Park.
    I went to that Irish Water protest on the 10th of December and it was shit. All happy clappy, dispersed, and no organisation. Gards wouldn’t even let us up Kildare Street to stand outside the gates of Leinster House.

    I think protests can be more robust and organised without having to descend into violence. ‘Peaceful’ is not a synonym for ineffective and it certainly isn’t a synonym for obedient. Something like Black Bloc tactics without all the needless looting and violence could really give Irish protests a much needed kick up the arse.

    As the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective have suggested in the states, protesters could actually ‘get shit done’ (to use a Harbo-nism) if they elected street officers and became creative about circumventing cordons and barriers. It might actually make the gards have to do a bit of running (and heaven forbid thinking) to earn their money.

    No need to go the the Phoenix to be photographed by special branch/Michael Ring’s constituency interns. Just turn up at the next protest in black and we can start turning the tide on Irish Water.

      1. CoCo

        I brought a hurl to a protest a while back (not intentionally, I was on my way to a match) but it was prominently hanging out of my bag. Gards said nothing to me about it, although they were very wary of me and seemed to treat me with a little more caution than women and auld fellas when getting us out of the way (I’m 6’5). I imagine if I had gone to use it though they would have sent some ham-fisted reserve robo-cop in on me.

        It’s my understanding that once you’re also carrying a sliotar it’s totally street legal as reasonable excuse can be provided that you’re going to a match/training (as I was on this occasion). If they wanted to search my bag they would probably also have found a dirty pair of jocks from the previous training so good luck to them! After all, the gards are mad for GAA.

        In Britain meanwhile, it’s a different story (one which my own da never fails when feeling nostalgic) and hurls just single you out as a ‘paddy’.

          1. Andrew

            Listen I studied law ok so here a lesson first off its health and fitness training no weapons only agenda is to help community secondly by you assuming that it’s about weapons and people trying to term me as Provo is defamation of character which is punishable by huge fine possible imprisonment so watch what you say

    1. Andrew

      Your the only person who has made somewhat of good point however I still believe in it and still being set up
      P.s thankfully someone in this world with brains left Thank God

  3. Dubloony

    Well if they hadn’t reduced the property charge in Dublin City Council maybe they could have afforded more social housing for the homeless. Those taxes could be useful y’know.

    And what does “job opportunities through sinn fein” mean? “help set up new form of governance”

    Anyone going for a stroll in that direction on the dates mentioned?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I live beside the Park but I aint got the gumption. Whoever goes, I recommend they go armed. Recommend Mark D.

    2. Andrew

      They created another housing bubble which forcing homelessness
      Do you honestly believe that money given to government is being spent properly
      Iook at corruption in relation to water charges

  4. Keith

    I’d be happy to give them 1% of the power if they would piss off after that. Is that a realistic offer? Maybe we could work something out.

      1. Andrew

        It’s actually not !?
        I am not Provo its sad world we live in when somebody try’s to do something for community and is termed as Provo Its health and fitness for the last time

  5. Andrew

    This is person who trying to set up Sinn Fein regiment squad
    First off I am sorry if my grammar is not up to standard I have dyslexia which prevents me from writing well

    My intentions are good with this half money created goes into community to prevent homelessness and suicide
    What the fupp is wrong with that and other half into job creation
    It may not be perfect and I may not be perfect but at least I am trying to make a fupping difference
    Already got over 300 views on done deal if I get 40 – 50 people that’s 100 euro a week and created 5200 for year
    Anyone has opinion to offer call me instead talking behind my back

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