The Missing Charm



In an age of brutishness.

A glinting gent emerges.

Eoin writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but…I was on the DART this morning and just as we pulled into Blackrock [Co Dublin] at around 8.20, a woman’s bracelet exploded, scattering the loose charms across the first carriage floor. She was getting off at that station so I helped her pick them up and put the last ones in her hand just as the door closed. I had a quick look around afterwards though and found we missed one. I’d like to return it to her.



13 thoughts on “The Missing Charm

  1. H

    If you are both regular commuters the chance are you’ll see her again so just give it to her then, I hardly think a piece of cheap costume jewellery warrants a post in BS…

  2. Buzz

    Thank heavens for people like Eoin :) Even if you never get that charm back to her, you made her day by being so decent.

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