17 thoughts on “Improper Charlie

  1. Sarah

    It’d be stupid to pay more than the cover price, it’s not going to be an investment. With 5 million copies being sold, it will never be a collector’s item.

      1. Sam

        Yeah, but if you want to brag about making an effort and splashing the cash, wouldn’t it be cooler and cheaper to fly to Paris any buy it off the shelves there?

        What’s the point of making some chancer in the UK £22K richer?

    1. Gers

      Incorrect. The UK version – or english translated anyway – will not be a 5 million print run, yesterday they were talking about having a few thousands for the UK instead of the 30 they usually sell on a typical week. It still does not justifyu paying that much for something the seller doesnt even have yet – but for some people 22k is like 22 euros i guess…

      1. rotide

        That’s hysterical. It’s like watching Brass Eye when she says ‘We apologise to anyone who may have been offended’

    1. rotide

      What’s the difference between this guy and the publishers putting out an extra 5 million copies?

  2. broadsideskid

    The proceeds from the sale of this weeks ‘Charlie Ebdo’ are going to the victims families …

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