23 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. ABM

    I like this pope. Catholicism with a bit of muscle isn’t a bad thing.

    Ultimately, all laws must be enforced by using (or threatening to use) physical means.

    1. One Dub

      Yeah, I like this pope too.
      He says cool things, like ‘Children shouldn’t die of starvation’, and ‘Stop hitting each other’.

      He’s better than all the other popes. (snigger)

      1. One Dub

        Mind you ABM, I’m not an advocate of violence under any circumstances, so I have to disagree with everything you said after those first four words.

        But yeah, he’s kinda cuddly.
        And dismissible.

      2. ABM

        He’s done a hell of lot more than the Mary Robinson/Bob Geldof/Bono types that Ireland is fond of producing.

        The Holy Father had a stint as a bouncer, so the odd punch from an enraged nutter is no big deal.

        1. One Dub

          He hasn’t done anything in MY World.
          Perhaps he’s done loads of stuff in Fantasy World.
          I dunno.

          Thank ‘God’ he wasn’t a Nazi, eh?
          He’d have to ‘retire’ early, under strange circumstances if he was.

          G’way ye gobdaw!

          1. ABM

            You really haven’t a clue about Vatican affairs, do you?

            Maybe you could get a job as a religion columnist at the Oirish Times? They’re always on the lookout for talent like you.

          2. One Dub

            Why would I care about vatican affairs?

            I think my catholic education taught me that there was only ONE pope, and that there only is/was/can be ONE pope.
            He is the infallible ‘voice of god’. He might be replaced in body,
            but he’s still the same pope.
            I’m sorry, but I find it comical that you of all people can single one of them out for praise.

            I hope that explains my comment:
            He’s better than all the other popes. (snigger)

            It was a joke.

            You are also a joke, but mine was funnier.

  2. Joachim Gillespie

    Ehm. Shouldn’t the headline of the Brit Indo read ‘The million missing
    voters’ and not ‘The missing million voters’??*

    * I am half-jarred here.

  3. Kieran NYC

    The Fupping Sun.

    Oh noes! Dirty old man taking pictures of your kids! In public! Wearing clothes!

    Because there’s nothing like online, apparently.

    1. One Dub

      I have a camera.
      I’m ashamed, and frightened to tell anybody for fear that they might take out their phone and upload my image to a sex-predator list.

        1. One Dub

          Calm down KFC.
          I won’t be taking photos of my kids until they hit 18 and sign a form of consent.
          I’m not stupid.

          My daughter accidentally took a ‘selfie’ a few weeks back but I deleted it before the Gardaí called.

  4. Mr. T.

    The Sun, adding to the fear and anxiety epidemic designed to keep everyone looking the wrong direction while the government and big corporates change laws, introduce new taxes and limit your personal privacy.

    People are willing idiots.

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