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The full version of traveller journalist (top pic) Tracie Joyce’s video essay, featured in the first episode of Norah’s Traveller Academy on RTE2 tonight.

Previously Staying In Tomorrow?

(Thanks Hil)


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23 thoughts on “Voice Of The Traveller

  1. bagpuss55

    ”(sniff) and someone looked sideways at me in de shopping centre once, `tis fierce terrible discrimination so it is”

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      Good to hear this side of things, though its very sad to hear this still happens. Especially being told at school why bother to study etc

  2. Franco

    Well my last comment was deleted because of a little faux pas! Whoopsy daisy. Let’s all +1 the populist liberal!

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Pope: “Conviction is it Mr Franco”
      Franco: “No, liberalism for me thanks” *winks*
      Pope: “Oh, that’s nice, second row to the right”
      Franco: “Hah, got you, only messin’ it’s conviction for me, haha, got you Papa”
      Pope: “Oh you did Franco, you did, conviction it is, third row to the left, and down the windy stairs to El Gimpo, he’s ready for you, good lad …gas lad that Franco, Gimpo will enjoy that fella… Next!”

  3. Paolo

    If they filmed any episodes at one of the three halting sites within a mile of my house they could ask why all of the animals are sick and out of control (and some dead) and why, given that there is free waste collection, the whole area is covered in refuse. That isn’t prejudice, it’s demonstrable fact.

    1. Joxer

      I think paolo what you are referencing with that demonstrable fact is that some people are filthy fuppers with no regard to the environment they inhabit. nothing to do with Travellers exclusively.

      example – I bring my kids to school each wednesday through Griffeen park and i am amazed at the amount of dog shit in plastic bags festooning the bushes where dog walkers have picked up the crap and then flung it into the bushes. theres a set of suitcases that have been dumped in the middle of the park since last week. my commute along the Grand canal has the joyous visions of all manner of black refuse sacks dumped along its length.

      i have seen traveller halting sites overflowing with rubbish but i have also seen settled estates with the same issues.

      1. Don Pidgeoni


        Shocking how the actions of some do not imply that everyone in that group will do the same things, isn’t it?

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