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    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com


      Cheers – shocking stuff.

      “The U.S. Government has been aggressively pressuring its allies to adopt the same “sting” tactics against their own Muslim citizens.”
      – There was a story in the Aussie press this week. During the Sydney siege, a prominent Muslim was asked by Police to try to locate an ISIS flag, as the gunman had requested one. Some of the people she rang questioned why the Police could not just get one printed, and asked if she had been set up. In the following weeks, some of the people she rang were questioned by Police.

      As I like to remind people, the drug squad needs there to be a drug problem, in order to exist. It seems the military, police and spy agencies need an enemy. It is convenient that after the Cold War, this Islamist thing has appeared. Unfortunately, many politicians will use it to their advantage. Tony Abbott, Aussie crap PM, announced there was a lot of extremist “chatter”, which was of concern, then he went on his Christmas holidays. A handy distraction from the polls which show his government to be deeply unpopular.

  1. ABM

    Oirish Times writing about goings on in Belgium and Germany. But why? If I want to get an international news fix, why would I read the Oirish Times? Jihadist nuts in Belgium are of little or no relevance to Ireland. Why don’t they send out some reporters to Goatstown? Afraid Tara Street would be firebombed? (a very real possibility) Meanwhile, cartoons mocking Catholicism are par for the course, while anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic cartoons are verboten. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Oirish Times.

    1. Odis

      If its OK for the English “papers of record” to have a focus on International news. Then I don’t see any problem with letting the Irish papers do it.

    2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      Ì wish the Irish media would spend less time covering the goings on in Rome.

  2. Soundings

    Is that the David Drumm bankruptcy appeal blanked out in the Irish Times (couldn’t even be bothered to look in the newsagents at the deadwood dead industry, let alone shell out money to buy a newspaper, they should be paying me to read their drivel, at least it might drive up advertising revenue).

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