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UPDATE: Not so fast. (See comments).

Section 19 of the Commissions of Investigation Act 2004

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20 thoughts on “Immunity

  1. phil

    So you can now kidnap people and mistreat them eventually causing death and if you are a member of a religious organisation you won’t be prosecuted?

    That dont sound right… maybe ‘lying eyes’ should hired a religious hit man…

    1. Rob

      Yeah, it’s not even close to giving immunity.

      I could say something bad about someone in the course of a tribunal and the Gardai couldn’t use that against that person to convict them of a crime.

      There’s nothing to stop me saying the same thing again in a witness box in a criminal trial.

  2. ABM

    I see the “septic tank” phrase has been conveniently removed from the lexicon.

    One is left wondering what the next hoax will be.

    1. gallantman

      Of course even without the septic tank it’s just the infant mortality rates of between 47-68% per annum that needs explaining away. Oh and the paid adoptions. And the clinical trials. Oh and the general abuse….

  3. ABM

    There’s nothing stopping any private citizen who feels they are a victim from pursuing justice through to the courts. There is no immunity for priests and religious. Yet another myth falsely promulgated.

      1. scottser

        and @rse covering. lots and lots of @rse covering. oh, and don’t forget the exemption from any sort of compensation for the victims.

      2. ABM

        But you do admit there’s no immunity, don’t you?

        This “immunity” myth is yet another one to add to the collection.

  4. Chris

    Take this post down, the guy’s reading of the law is absolutely incorrect. It says nothing like he’s claiming.

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