Look Into The Eyes




Roisin Loughrey tweetz:

I photocopied this 15 years ago but never wrote down any details. Anyone know who the little girl [between Charles Haughey, right, and Brian lenihan Snr, left] is?!


32 thoughts on “Look Into The Eyes

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Looks like Bodesnstown (Wolfe Tone commemoration). A lot of politicians brought their families so it’s probably one of their kids.

    1. Joe the Lion

      It is an insightful photo though not for the reasons mentioned

      It shows the same scrawny scrag bags who ran the country into the ground in the 80s merely sat down to allow their degenerate offspring do the same in the 90s and 2000s

  2. Stumpy

    THAT was living beyond our means? Jaysus. You’d think we could have afforded some fresh oranges or vitamin D supplements.

  3. Nigel

    If all my time spent reading Stephen King have taught me right, then she’s the psychic child who’s been controlling Fianna Fail all these years.

  4. Brian Walsh Pictures

    Grainne SEX, more like. Or so I would imagine more uncouth types say if she has grown up to be an attractive woman. I would hope she is able to dismiss such boorish comments, if indeed she is now an attractive woman and uncouth men do say this.

  5. Róisín Loughrey

    Thanks for posting that Broadsheet. I’ve had that photo for years and have always wondered who that little girl was or…if she even existed…

  6. SecretKnowledgeATS

    If she’s not related to brian lenihan, then im charlie haughey’s son…
    No really i am

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