34 thoughts on “Och Aye The NO

  1. The Old Boy

    Decent haggis is hearty and delicious on a winter’s night. If you’re of a carnivorous persuasion, there’s nothing more unappetising about it than any other meat.

    1. Dan

      I asked the same at a Burns’ night a few years back. It’s so the Scottish veggies don’t feel left out

    2. Spaggis

      Swapping the ingredients widens the appeal.

      BTW, I don’t believe the shop-bought stuff uses a stomach anymore – much like our sausages don’t. So that might reduce some squeam, hai.

  2. brytothey

    Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face,
    Great chieftain o the puddin’-race!

    Aye, indeed to haggis, neeps and tatties. Vegetarian haggis is also delicious to those of that persuasion.

  3. Starina

    Haggis is delish, dunno what yer all squeamish about. It’s only large, crumbly black pudding. serve it up with some creamy sauce, neeps and tatties! mmmmmmm

  4. ivan

    Another vote for Haggis here. Utterly delicious and as described above, not unlike a slightly oaty white pudding. Lovely with neeps and tatties, but battered, served with chips and doused wi’ saltn’n’sauce is truly the late night/early morning meal of champions.

  5. Odis

    Just because its Burns night or whatever. It doesn’t mean we have to be polite about their hideous cuisine.

    Comparisons with white pudding are only accurate, in as much as the colour is about the same.

    Starina’s comparison of Haggis and black pudding above, tells me that she doesn’t like black pudding.

    Haggis is by and large disgusting. The only one i ever eaten (that was edible) was made by an English chef.
    Everyone present commented that it really didn’t taste too bad, (but drink was taken).

      1. Odis

        Seriously, Troll harder? If you don’t believe me, pop into Aldi and buy one and eat.
        Then you can come back onto Broadsheet and say “I’m so sorry for accusing you of being a Troll, Odis. Clearly, you are very wise”.

        1. Dan

          Aldi haggis – ha! get a hoora good macsween then come back onto Broadsheet and say “I’m so sorry for being a Troll, Dan. Clearly, you are very wise”.

          Keep on trolling and enjoy your supper, Odis.

          1. Odis

            I mentioned Aldi, for two reasons.
            1) They are cheap, so you wouldn’t feel that bad, when you threw it in the bin

            2) They have probably taken steps to make the dish vaguely edible. Something the Scottish seem culturally incapable of.

      1. Frenchfarmer

        Turnips are orange inside and purple outside but two thirds parsnip and one third sweet potato leaves it sitting at the starting gate.
        And stop knocking the Scots.
        If you don’t like offal then just make pan Haggis which is amazingly haggis made in a pan.
        See! We outwitted you there.
        Minced mutton, lamb or beef with onions spices and loads of coarse ground oats (or that Quaker stuff if you are skint.) is the best if you are going out for a stag/hen night skinful.
        And that’s the whole point of it.
        It is such a good carry it anywhere food that the Romans, what did they ever do for us (not the straight roads, as it was the druids who taught them how to do the straight bit, they just made them wider and more solid.), took the concept home and used it to conquer.
        If you don’t like hangovers then this is the meal for you.

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