Arrested Developments



Joe Doocey.

He dated a woman that was also seeing a guard.

That was the start of the trouble, he claims.

Philip G writes:

Less than 72 hours after posting this video, Joe reported that “up to 20 Gardai and a number of detectives in riot gear” stormed his house while Joe and his family were still in bed. No warrant was shown. Joe was handcuffed. His wife and elderly father were directed to co-operate – “or else!” All Joe’s computers, phones, files and documents were seized – as well as those of his family. Joe was taken to the barracks and charged with obstructing a search warrant – despite no warrant having ever been shown – and no personal ‘obstruction’ on the part of Joe or his family having taken place!
We need to come together to support Joe and his family in face of this appalling abuse of statutory powers and an inexcusable personal attack on a citizen’s fundamental rights.
…Please stand by for more on this very disturbing development. Joe will NOT be left alone to deal with this.

Integrity ireland

58 thoughts on “Arrested Developments

    1. jackdaw

      Seriously lads? Broadsheet is descending into Broadshite at a rapid rate. You’ll just about believe anything at this stage

    2. Happy Molloy

      integrity Ireland, the same guys who brought you reality Ireland.
      affiliates of the land league Ireland.
      who are good buds with the hub Ireland.
      all masters of you tube clips showing helpless victims being abused for no reason, or none that was shown on camera anyway.
      the same guys who belief the worse place to get legal advice is from someone mitigate a law degree, best to get it from Facebook groups.
      the same guys who know an ingenious method to fight any legal case to ensure you never have to pay for anything.
      and so on

  1. teal

    Persecutory delusions? Histrionic personality disorder? More likely explanation(s) than 15 years of Gardai harassment, crooked barristers and conspiring Revenue employees. This man needs support but not from Integrity Ireland.

    1. Shayna

      Ah, both Arrested Development and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia quotes, liking the combo! BTW watched Season 10 episode 1 of It’s Always Sunny… more of the same – still loving it! Re: the guy in Ballina, he’s clearly delusional.

  2. Atlas

    While this does sound like the kind of thing jumped-up gards down the bog would do, the fact that BS are prone to publishing questionable material (pseudo-scientific anti-fluoride conspiracy theories, pseudo-legal freeman-on-the-land bullsh*t etc) really makes me question the veracity of this – which is a huge shame if it does turn out to be true.

    1. Mikeyfex

      BS publish things to garner traffic and comments, they’re a website afterall. At this stage I think they know what pushes our (the commentariat’s) buttons so that we, in turn, push their buttons. Nothing to show where the BS people stand on these articles.

      1. sickofallthisbs

        Ah here – the editorial policy which dictates what they publish reveals their support for such “causes”.

          1. sickofallthisbs

            Chompsky, maybe not integrity Ireland, but you guys have no interest in impartially representing the views of conservative Ireland.

          2. Llareggub

            What on earth is ‘conservative Ireland’? Sounds ridiculous. A phrase like that brings to mind old biddies hanging outside the church after mass gossiping.

    2. Dandy

      Flouride has now recently officaily been declared a neurtoxin by the medical journey . Its kinda normal for people to be concerned about stuff like that in all fairness. Not entirely sure why people questioning somthing bothers people so much and suddenly becomes a conspiracy theory …… ?? If we were all cool like you n didnt want to belive in any sort of untrendy views than we’d not get very far as a species would we . if you dont want anyone to go away n look into things n thus form opnions of their own than really youve just got other issues . Some people dont think that everything that you might consider a little of the beaten track, can be dismissed with a smart arsed attitude because you think your the sound one and that being all sarcastic n clever in your witty dismissals somehow makes you right ?

      1. big_g

        Fluoride has long been known to be a neurotoxin. However, the dose makes the poison. End of argument.

        1. Dandy

          Id just rather not have it in there anyway , practically noone else on the planet does :) Anyway , i dont really care if you do or dont , im more baffled by people thinking its all a big conspiracy if you tend to veer on the side of not having it …. bit dramatic like ….. i dread the day when people dont question matters that may relate to our health n well being … the past should tell us its right to investiagte if theres sufficent opposition regardless of the outcome . if it didnt turn out to be a nuerotoxin then it wouldnt be worth the gloating rights , at least someone checked ye know :)

          1. big_g

            It exists naturally in many water supplies. Seawater has 1.3ppm. Not because we put it there either.

      2. Stewart Curry

        It’s the dihydrogen monoxide that you have to watch out for. This stuff is lethal yet the government pipes it right into our homes!

    3. Rep

      In what way does “up to 20 Gardai and a number of detectives in riot gear” stormed some ones house without a warrant and arresting some fella sound like the kind of thing jumped-up gards down the bog would do? Have you heard of this happening before?

      1. Happy Molloy

        up to 20 gardai in ballina would be more than they’d have in a unit.

        maybe they got back up from Dublin…

  3. Liam from Lixnaw

    What ever the truth of this, all his problems seem to stem from incidents in bars in Ballina

    1. scottser

      that depends if you’re planning on hooking up with a guard. cos, you know, i could do without the hassle

  4. Grouse

    Was just googling Joe Doocey and someone with his name has left a rake of angry comments on this local Ballina Garda station page. Two months ago. Which is not to say vitriolic online comments prove what he’s claiming is necessarily false, but there does seem to be some untold history there.

  5. One Dub

    I realise I’m a bit late getting here.
    Hopefully it will disassociate me from the lunatic element of this discussion, BUT…

    Anyone suggesting that there isn’t a sinister element in our Garda force is a bit naive, to say the least.

    Just sayin’…

      1. One Dub

        On reflection, I’m going to change my pseudonym from here onwards.
        I think someone else was using my internet connection earlier. It wasn’t me.
        I luve de Gards, I reely du.

  6. One Dub

    I know two brothers who were bullied because they looked too similar, although there was two years between them.
    They grew up hateful.
    Of each other and everyone around them.
    Both of them are Guards now.
    -Have been for years.

    Just sayin’…

  7. One Dub

    Yeah, I’m the same ‘One Dub.’
    I use several computers. I forget my passwords. I’m trying to sort it out. I talk to myself, etc.

    Yeah, yeah, blah-di-blah.
    F off.


    Alright, so unlike all the people who’ve chimed in here to discredit the source, I have watched both the videos.

    The original and the update about the garda coming to his house on saturday.


    It really is a shocking story. What reason would he have to make it up ?

    I would encourage anyone to watch it and tell me otherwise. He seems a very regular fellow who just wants his name cleared.

    He went through all the correct procedures and was a victim of harassment.

    I would say he should go to GSOC, but then again what would that do exactly ?

    They have now seized his documents and files relating to the case (according to him)

    It is an astounding story, he is up against it by the sound of things.

    Wishing him all the best in the future, he seems like a legitimate and brave man.


  9. Stephen

    All videos or stories posted via the Integrity Ireland website are backed up either with solid proofs or statements from additional eyewitnesses, and all I-I Members must sign a disclaimer or affidavit stating they are willing to stand behind their stories in a Court of law.
    Unfortunately, we have scores of heart-wrenching complaints about various agents of the State engaging in very serious wrongdoing which is destroying people’s lives on a routine basis. It simply isn’t good enough when highly-paid civil servants, lawyers, Gardai and members of the judiciary act with total disregard for the law and the Constitution – safe in the knowledge that there is no real, effective ‘oversight body’ in place that will hold them to account..
    Please see the Integrity Ireland website for more details.

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