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This afternoon.

Members of ‘Fingal Battalion Direct Action’ stage a small protest outside the County Wicklow home of Minister for Health Simon Harris before being peacefully moved on by two members of An Garda Síochána.

Polite, respectful and good humoured.




New-born BABY!

Did they miss MASS?

Film at 11.

Fingal Direct Action (Facebook)

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On Twitter.

Requests were made by gardaí, via their Twitter account, for the videos above to be removed from Twitter.

The videos contain footage taken by cyclists.

The requests prompted some on Twitter to ask the gardai what law was being broken by the posters…


Gardaí fears over dangerous driving videos ‘have no basis’ (Catherine Sanz, The Times Ireland edition)

 Assistant Garda Commissioner  Pat Leahy (left) and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris facing questioning from the Police Authority today after  Mr Harris apologised in public, for the Garda Youth Diversion Programme

This afternoon.

Three quarters of the crimes not properly investigated relate to public order, theft, traffic and criminal damage, but also included are 55 serious crimes, including the rape of a woman, another serious sexual offence and a case of child neglect.

The figures have been published today in a garda report, which reviewed the Youth Referrals Scheme from 2010 to 2017.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris issued a public apology when he appeared before the Policing Authority this afternoon.

Garda report shows 3,500 juveniles not prosecuted for crimes (RTÉ)


This afternoon.

Kevin Street Garda Station, Dublin

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris and The Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan launching  ‘Policing Service for the Future’, a “four-year high-level implementation plan” which includes a new oversight body do away with the Policing Authority and the Garda Inspectorate.

Earlier: ‘A New Strategic Threat Analysis Centre’


Stop that.


Tonight’s Evening Herald

Let’s focus on the dog.

Not the trigger-giddy, gun totin’ ‘tec’?

The dog.

OK, sorry.

No worries

Yesterday: The Curious Incident Of The ‘Dead’ Dog

Tuesday: Meanwhile, In Longford

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan

Further to the incident in Longford last night.

Last month, Social Democrats co-leader Catherine Murphy asked the Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan:

‘What  the level of firearm training provided to armed Garda personnel in each of the years 2016, 2017 and to date in 2018; the number of gardaí by grade or rank with firearms training; the type of weapon they are trained to carry and or use; the company engaged to provide training; the cost of training on an annual basis; and if he will make a statement on the matter.’

In a written reply, Mr Flanagan said:

The Deputy will appreciate that the Garda Commissioner is responsible for managing and controlling generally the administration and business of An Garda Síochána, including by arranging for the training of its members and civilian staff and I, as Minister, have no direct role in the matter.

Training is provided by Firearms Instructors attached to the Garda College and the Emergency Response Unit under the control of the Director of Training, Garda College.

Following a recent audit conducted at the Garda College figures show there are approximately 2700 personnel that are currently authorised to carry firearms.

This can increase to approx. 3500 depending on operational requirements. This caters for all ranks of Gardaí who carry firearms.

Members attached to regular units and Detective units are trained in handguns only, namely Smith & Wesson revolver, Sig Sauer & Walther semi-automatic pistol.

Specialist Units such as Emergency Response Unit and the Armed Support Unit are trained in Sig Pistol, H&K MP7 Sub-machine gun, Taser and 40mm direct impact munitions (Less Lethal options).

For the Deputy’s information listed below are figures for attendance at firearms training in each of the years 2016, 2017 and to 31st August 2018.

2016 – 7851
2017 – 10555
2018 – 6891 as of 31st August 2018

The increase in 2017 is as a result of the increase in ASU (Armed Support Unit). Each member attends more than one training course each year.

Earlier: Meanwhile, In Longford


Last night.

Edgeworthstown, County Longford

Via Sceal Doire:

Shortly before 6pm, A garda allegedly helping a friend remove a van that the repairs on it hadn’t been paid for…When the man who repaired it tried to stop the van from being taken, the garda, shoving the man and his wife and when his tie was grabbed, raised a pistol and shot the man having already allegedly shot and killed his dog…


‘The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission is to investigate the circumstances of a shooting incident at a house in Co Longford yesterday after a man was injured when a garda firearm was discharged.

The man was later treated in hospital for his injuries which are not said to be life-threatening

Gardaí say they were at the scene as part of another investigation and were being assisted by a member of the public when they were confronted.

In the moments that followed a garda discharged his firearm in the direction of a guard dog, which was killed and a man nearby also sustained shotgun wound injuries to his leg.’

Usual health warnings apply to the veracity of the above text.

More as we get it.

GSOC to investigate shooting incident in Co Longford (RTÉ)


The dog at the centre of a garda shooting – previously thought dead – has vanished and investigators are trying to track down the injured hound.

The Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) and garda investigators are probing the shooting of a man in Longford by an on-duty Detective Sergeant.

Witnesses said that a large German Shepherd was shot during the incident.

Sources have said that the dog is missing, having run from the scene.

….The site of the incident is close to a location where €500,000 of suspected stolen industrial plant, tools, trailers, vans, cars engine and vehicle parts was recovered.

Last Thursday gardai carried out a search operation at the alleged “chop shop” in a large industrial unit last Thursday…

GSOC probes Longford shooting incident as dog previously thought dead ‘vanishes’ (The Irish Mirror)

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Last night.

Dublin 4

An officer from the PSNI liaises with a Garda around the corner from the Aviva Stadium after reports that hardline loyalists would attend the Republic of Ireland Vs Northern international football friendly, which ended in a goalless draw.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris (left)and former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan

Further to yesterday’s Sunday Times report which outlined how the state plans to cover former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan’s legal costs in an action taken by Garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe..

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says the representation being offered to the former Commissioner is standard practice.

“As a former State employee who is being sued in the course of his work it is the norm for the State to offer representation for him,” said Mr Varadkar.

“That is not to say that he is being given an indemnity or anything like that, it is representation as regards the case.”

Normal practice for State to provide lawyers for Martin Callinan, says Varadkar (Irish Examiner)


According to senior sources, Mr Harris is seeking his own legal advice on the matter of Mr Callinan’s legal costs in light of the tribunal’s damning findings against the former commissioner.

Mr Harris is seeking advice on whether to he is bound by the decision of Mr Ó Cualáin to recommend that the State fund Mr Callinan’s defence. Depending on the advice, it may be open to him to ask the Minister to reverse his decision.

Garda Commissioner seeks to reverse Callinan’s legal funding (irish Times)


Sgt Maurice McCabe

The Irish Examiner understands Sergeant McCabe met Assistant Commissioner Fintan Fanning at the weekend and applied to retire. As he has served the requisite 30 years, he is entitled to retire on a full pension.

His application was accepted and will come into effect from 12am.

His retirement comes three weeks after publication of the Disclosures Tribunal report in which Judge Peter Charleton described the Cavan-based sergeant as having done the state “considerable service”.

Maurice McCabe retires after 30 years on force (Michael Clifford, irish Examiner)