Brittan Mourned


B79ikGxCQAAWuLLFormer British Home Secretary Leon Brittan


Leon Brittan, former home secretary, dies aged 75 (Guardian)

How Leon Brittan’s final years were tarnished by lost paedophile dossier (Telegraph)

21 thoughts on “Brittan Mourned

  1. rotide

    Good to see the broadsheet editorial leading the way when it comes to the tone of obituary comments

          1. scottser

            i’d say the media coverage last year was more damning than the twitter feeds now. even the telegraph was scathing in its criticism of his handling of the vip child abuse ring. besides, guys like leon brittan have an untouchability about them and no-one was expecting him to be brought before a judge. either way, you won’t find many advocating his innocence or seeking ‘balance’. he was a nasty f**ker what ever way you look at it.

          2. Nigel

            It’s a fallen world. Either men of power are allowed to commit appalling crimes and remain free until the day they die, or horrible allegations are made about the dead on twitter. Jesuiusbrittain? Or Jesuistwitter? Or Jesuswtf?

        1. Neilo

          Let’s see some real evidence before we blacken the man’s reputation. I remember being told by a Det Gda in the early nineties that a retired Dublin goalkeeper was beyond all doubt implicated in the X case and how did that work out? Back to Brittan: he really friggin’ hated the Provos which makes him A-OK in my book

    1. Spud

      I must have head my head in the sand… never released / was aware of these allegations against him.
      He always seemed flamboyant, and was often on the Late Late etc…

  2. popeyedol

    Out and out sicko – possible the worst for the cover up when home secretary in 1983/1985

    “In July last year Labour MP Simon Danczuk claimed that Lord Brittan had been sent a dossier of allegations about paedophiles between 1983 and 1985 by Mr Dickens.
    Lord Brittan denied being responsible for a cover-up of child abuse allegations.”

  3. Clampers Outside!

    From The Telegraph today….

    “Lord Brittan, who was Home Secretary under the late Baroness Thatcher from 1983 to 1985, told journalists last year he had no recollection of it but last week said he had been handed a “substantial bundle of papers” by Mr Dickens. ”

    “it” – being a dossier on paedophiles in the upper classes… as far as Downing St. apparently… First he lied, said he never got them, then he didn’t recollect, then he admits to getting the papers….

    If that’s not hiding something………………………………………….

  4. bisted

    …Leon Brittan…wasn’t he the government minister who had to resign for leaking privileged information about another MP…

  5. Odis

    Bring it on. They’ll probably try to peak it, before the British elections in May. I really hope it doesn’t reflect badly on the Conservatives :-D

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