Love Letters To Richard Dawkins


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At the request of his fans, evolutionary biologist, fundy-baiter and author Richard Dawkins returns with a sequel to this 2010 video in which he once again reads out unexpurgated hate mail addressed to him from religious fundamentalists and other incensed types.

Filmed by Eric Preston.

NSFW, what with all the hatin’.


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23 thoughts on “Love Letters To Richard Dawkins

    1. Tony

      Don’t think it’s meant to be a professional presentation. Just Dawks and the director having a laugh. I thought the offscreen lols added to it.

      1. well

        I’m pretty sure at this stage Dawkins is just trolling people for reactions, his twitter leads meto believe he just likes the attention.

  1. Paolo

    He thinks children with Down’s Syndrome children should have been terminated. Other than that, he’s a nice guy.

    1. well

      80-90% of parents oh children with downs abort where its legal. Not saying its right or wrong but most people opt that way.

          1. Sidewinder

            If there is I imagine it’s in dire need of context. How many people even opt for the test to check, which is invasive and has the risk of miscarriage? I would imagine many people who opt to test for Downs Syndrome do so because they already know they would likely terminate if that was the case.

          2. Mister Mister

            We had the test, it wasn’t that invasive, and it didn’t risk miscarriage.

            The older the mother is, or if it’s in the family, the more likely they’ll take the test,

    2. pedeyw

      I’m not a fan of him by any means but I believe he was offering his opinion on what he would personally do, not stating it as a fact:
      “Those who thought I was bossily telling a woman what to do rather than let her choose, of course this was absolutely not my intention and I apologise if brevity made it look that way. My true intention was, as stated at length above, simply to say what I personally would do, based upon my own assessment of the pragmatics of the case, and my own moral philosophy which in turn is based on a desire to increase happiness and reduce suffering.”

  2. Kieran NYC

    Fun Fact: Married to Lala Ward, ‘Romana I’ from Doctor Who, the ex-wife of Tom Baker. Douglas Adams introduced Ward and Dawkins at a party.

    So now, so.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Loved these two…..

    “Your famed intelligence is nothing more than the fart of God” …lovely trolling! :)

    “Your fathers sperm was wasted on you, say hi to your mother” ….was that you Mani?

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