23 thoughts on “Making Their Embonpoint

  1. Ms Piggy

    The ‘modesty bars’ over her nipples, BS…if you really need to use them, shouldn’t they be placed so that we can’t actually see her nipples? :-)

    1. munkifisht

      Funny how on BS shitty photos maskerading as art of women with their falumbas out in public places round Ireland get away with nips and no NSFW considerations while poor Nicole has bars in her boobs. Weird double standards.

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      I wouldn’t give them that much credit. I think its about seeing the effect on circulation figures, esp given that Rupert has been talking about getting rid. Though their PR guy is being a complete bellend on twitter

    1. Kieran NYC

      I wonder if his business will drop after his stupid outburst?

      If I was a woman, I’m not sure I’d want to be anesthetized by someone who really, REALLY cares a lot about seeing boobs.


    making a mockery of women getting abused in this day and age is disgusting. I have spent most my life being sexually harassed for the size of my breasts . I blame this on society as they portray women .It seems to be we are here to be leered at and this is down to paper’s like the sun making us sex object’s Sex crimes against women are very high and this is down to the way men think of women . I would love to stand outside downing street shouting at cameron to get his d**k out and see how he feel’s . I SUPPOSE IF WE HAD A MAN WITH HIS C**K OUT ON PAGE 3 THIS WOULD BE ACCEPTABLE

    1. LSH

      Genuine questions here, really not looking for an argument.

      So recently there were protests in Brisbane, Australia, because there are beaches where woman are not allowed to go topless. Although I don’t have the confidence to go topless myself, I totally agree with the protestors that they should be allowed to go topless if they choose to. No one asks a, eh… “large-chested” man to cover up on the beach. It seems fair to me that the same rules should apply to both sexes, i.e. top half is ok but bottom half is a bit much, keep it covered please!
      The women involved in these protests were labeled by the media as ‘feminists’ (I’m genuinely not sure what the definition of a feminist is any more). Later I read that more ‘feminists’ want to shut down page 3 because it objectifies women. So now I’m confused, does this means that ‘feminists’ want the right to get their jubblies out in public but want to stop any women making a living out of it?
      I also thought about the HUGE posters Hollister uses for advertising, these posters have topless men on them! Giant, oily, sexy, topless men (I know, disgusting!). In my opinion it’s much more appropriate to draw a comparison between the topless Hollister men and the topless page 3 ladies than it is to bring Cameron’s, eh… c**k into it.
      So what is the difference between topless men and a topless women? Why are people so offended at the sight of a woman’s chest but not a man’s?

      Just to be clear I do NOT think it is ok that you have been harassed over your figure, that is never ok. I just think that if a woman wants to go topless on a beach, or modelling it should be just a mundane as when a man does it, no?

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