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Today’s front page of the English edition of The Sun.


AIR HEAD Ireland’s PM has been branded ‘mad’ for threatening to stop British planes flying over Ireland as revenge for Brexit (The Sun)

THE SUN SAYS The Irish PM is a fool, but this latest tantrum exposes Brussels’ intentions to keep us in its grip (The Sun editorial)

This morning’s UK The Sun

He said the Brexit proposals Mrs May and her cabinet thrashed out at the PM’s country house Chequers last week “would probably end a major trade relationship with the United States.”

“We have enough difficulty with the European Union,” he said, saying the EU has “not treated the United States fairly on trading”.

He also said Mrs May had not listened to his advice on how to do a Brexit deal, saying: “I would have done it much differently. I actually told Theresa May how to do it but she didn’t agree, she didn’t listen to me. She wanted to go a different route,” he said.

Donald Trump and Theresa May meet amid Brexit storm (BBC)

I told Theresa May how to do Brexit but she wrecked it — the US trade deal is off, says Donald Trump (The Sun)

Oh, wait now.

Trump Says Relationship With May Is Very Strong (RTE News)

On Saturday, The Sun in Britain carried the editorial above.

It was not published in The Irish Sun.

Further to this…

Breaking News reports:

Responding to the paper’s article, Varadkar said he had read the editorial in question.

He explained: “I think it’s the second or third time that the Tory press have had a go at me – which is interesting because, here in Ireland, the left and others accuse me of being a Tory.

“I guess I treat all that commentary with the respect it deserves – which isn’t very much.”

THE SUN SAYS Ireland’s naive young prime minister should shut his gob on Brexit and grow up (The Sun)

Taoiseach hits back at ‘Brexit Buffoon’ commentary from ‘Tory press’ (Breaking News)


Members of Derry City and Strabane district council also voted to throw their support behind the group known as Total Eclipse of the S*n, which wants every shop to boycott the newspaper.

The motion, proposed by an independent councillor, was supported by Sinn Féin, SDLP and other independent members. There was only one vote against. Seven unionists, members of the DUP and UUP, abstained.

It was proposed as a way of showing support and respect for the families of the 1989 Hillsborough football stadium disaster. Independent councillor Paul Gallagher said: “In the aftermath of the Hillsborough inquiry, we wanted to show solidarity with the families, just as they showed solidarity with the families of Bloody Sunday.”

Could Derry’s Hillsborough vote on the Sun start a ball rolling? (Roy Greenslade, The Guardian)

John Gallen writes:

You may or may not like The Sun, but censorship is censorship. When did banning stuff become popular again anyway… when’s the next book burning?