7 thoughts on “Know Your Skids

  1. Sheikh Yabooti

    Next time I enter a skid, I fully intend to locate and open my laptop, refer to this checklist, ascertain the type of skid I am experiencing, stop my car and alight to establish whether it is front or rear wheel drive, re-enter and resume skidding, now fully informed as to how to negotiate the present corner safely. Thanks Broadsheet.

    1. Raskolnikov

      Why not just remember what you’ve read, or is that too much for your sarcastic brain to handle?

  2. Cinsire

    Foolish Americains with their e-ze-drive automatics. Zey will never know the joie of dropping a gear and flooring eet on an overtake.

  3. Niallo

    Opposite lock, pop the clutch, drop a cog, feather the accelerator and exclaim POWERRRRR ! In a proud and happy voice.

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