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Broden from TENI writes:

TENI launched a video on legal gender recognition yesterday to correspond with the introduction of the Gender Recognition Bill into the Seanad. Trans people need to be at the centre of this debate, and trans voices need to be heard.

Positive visibility is at the core of what TENI does. We know that by telling our own stories we can change the hearts and minds of Irish society. We need legislation that reflects our lived realities.

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14 thoughts on “Trans Matters

  1. Formerly known as Seamus

    Great post BS! Ireland is shockingly backward in its perception and more importantly in its legislature (or lack of) in regard to Transgendered people. I’m an Irish citizen and had the fortune, or misfortune to have been born North of the border. I surgically transitioned from male to female a couple of years ago. I was issued with a Gender Recognition Recognition Certificate by The Transgender Tribunal in the UK. (interestingly, this can be issued whether the individual chooses to have gender reassignment surgery, or not. However, you do have to sign a statutory declaration that you will live in your new gender for the rest of your life – and has to be witnessed by a solicitor).
    What this meant for me was that I was subsequently issued with a new birth certificate reflecting my new name (I’d changed it by deed poll years previous as part of the process) and gender. I was then free to apply to the Dept. of Foreign Affairs in Dublin for a new Irish passport, new name, new gender – and granted. All the other legal documents, Inland Revenue, National Insurance, banks etc were pretty straightforward, I simply supplied my details along with my Deed Poll Certificate. Sadly, not so straightforward South of the border. It’s a tough path to follow – ask a Transgendered person you may know – but not to have the support of your own Government that you helped elect (possibly) seems ridiculous.
    Newstalk had a week-long feature on young Irish Transgendered People last year which featured on BS. It appears that many had to travel to London, (at their own, or parent’s expense) to consult with a Gender Dysphoria recognized Psychiatrist in order to attain a hormone regime or perhaps surgery at a (much) later date.
    There is one psychiatrist in the North, based in Belfast – Dr. Richard Ingram who is qualified in gender dysphoria. He has a waiting list of months for an appointment which would indicate a demand for his service.
    Interestingly, the only other comments appear to be of a scoffing nature – I do hate to quote Russell Brand, but, “Is the new homophobia – transphobia?”.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Hi there
      I hate to say this to someone who has undergone major surgery and treatment. But. Shemus maybe you should a’ hung on to your balls if the carry on here upsets you enough to mention it as a “scoff”
      And use Brand on us

      Just saying like
      And I’m as pissed off with the behavior towards you by the Irish authorities as you are.
      But if your gonna knock around here
      Grow a pair

    2. Kieran NYC

      Why we couldn’t just copy the UK system (that seems to work in the main?) and bring in the same system here, I just don’t know.

      Irish politicians constantly seem to have to reinvent the wheel.

  2. Formerly known as Seamus

    Hi Frilly, you appear by your comments to me to be a kind, free-thinking, educated person – thank you for your feed-back , now in the light of this, I feel that I have a new perspective on the World.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Happy t’help

      And lemme give you another few heads uppers

      Always have hand cream. And use it on your elbows too.
      Push up bras are your best friend and t- shirt seamless my hole bras are your enemy
      Pluck your eyebrows in daylight
      Nude shoes, unless you’re the same colour and physique as yer wan that was engaged to Adam Clayton, don’t work for anyone
      Pedicures before flip-flops
      Wax never shave
      Eyeliner is black blackish or charcoal. Any other colour is face paint

      That’s enough from me
      Fluffy’ll be along in a minute wi’more

  3. Formerly known as Seamus

    Wow, thanks Frilly, wouldn’t have known any of this stuff? Thanks for your insight – how long since your transition?

    1. Frilly Keane

      I’m still not done with Frilly

      I usually transition when the mood takes me. Or when I get banned. Or legal shit.

      Although I was very happy and felt more like myself as Mgg.

      If the urge to return to my roots on the bog nets becomes too hard to surpress ya never know. Home of the Dixies does give me feeling of wellbeing that I usually acquire via a pint’a wine

      I suppose I’ll know when the time is right to transist.

  4. Formerly known as Seamus

    I have no idea what you’re trying to say – clearly the medication has (or hasn’t) kicked in? I’m sure you’re a lovely person in your own mind, but it’s kinda not coming across. By the way, it’s coming up to St. Patrick’s Day, traditionally the day when one (if one is of a mind) to begin digging turf in the bog. I expect you’ll be busy!

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