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Members of the transgender community and their supporters plan to protest outside RTÉ studios in Dublin on Tuesday evening over the broadcast of a pre-recorded interview with Father Ted writer Graham Linehan.

Transgender people to protest at RTÉ over ‘Prime Time’ interview with Graham Linehan (Irish Times)

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A petition has been set up asking the national broadcaster to reconsider Mr Linehan’s inclusion. The Father Ted co-creator is one of a number of contributors set to feature in the report which will examine the “growth in the number of young people seeking to change gender”. Since 2015, transgender adults have been allowed to state gender identity without requiring reassignment treatment or assessment. Those applying are also able to change the gender on their birth certificates, driver’s licence and passport.


Opposition to Father Ted creator Graham Linehan being on TV transgender debate (Peter O’Dwyer, The Times Ireland)

Petition calls for TV writer Graham Linehan to be axed from ‘Prime Time’ transgender debate (Independent.ie)

RTE remove Graham Linehan piece from upcoming Prime Time show on transgender issues (Change.org)


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Dylan, from Dublin band Elm, writes:

We have just released a new single and music video, tackling the struggles that transgender people face. Would love if you could share the video…


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A video  highlighting the difficulties faced by members of the transgender community across Europe seeking gender recognition made for Transgender EU .

Bob Gallagher writes:

Proud to say the video was shot in Dublin with a talented mixture of Irish and international cast in front of the camera, and a very dedicated and brilliant crew behind it.

The video was made through an Irish production company called Invisible Thread, commissioned by TGEU in Berlin.

FIND OUT MORE: 34 Countries in Europe make this nightmare a reality (Transgender EU)

(Additional H/T: Jim Redmond)


Yesterday evening.

Members of  TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland) and other civil society groups were in attendance yesterday to ensure “that trans voices are at the centre” of the Gender Recognition Bill which is being debated in the Seanad currently.

This legislation will legally recognise transgender people.

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Transgender Rights in Ireland (or Lack Thereof) (Charlotte Ryan, University Times)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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Broden from TENI writes:

TENI launched a video on legal gender recognition yesterday to correspond with the introduction of the Gender Recognition Bill into the Seanad. Trans people need to be at the centre of this debate, and trans voices need to be heard.

Positive visibility is at the core of what TENI does. We know that by telling our own stories we can change the hearts and minds of Irish society. We need legislation that reflects our lived realities.


PADDY Power has defended his controversial advert that was screened at the weekend asking viewers if they can spot transgender men and women in an advert.

The bookmaker has pointed out that the TV advert which asks can viewers ‘spot the stallions from the mares’ in the reel of transgender race goers has received more likes than dislikes on You Tube.

Can’t argue with that

Paddy Power Defends Controversial Cheltenham Transgender Advert (Irish Independent)

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