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By Annie West



Michael Lowry appeared on RTÉ R1’s News at One with Aine Lawlor earlier:

Aine Lawlor:
“You say it would have been appropriate to hand a noteback to either the sender, or the recipient – which would be yourself – or Enda Kenny. Maybe, it’s also appropriate that appointments to State Boards would go through The Public Appointments Service, and not across The Dail, and sold in little notes?”

Lowry: “Well, they do… and all the appointments in the process…, and to put this into context, Aine, is that this lady is already a member of the board, highly capable,very efficient – and is a very capable member of the board.

Lawlor: “And she was appointed, wasn’t she by Brian Cowen’s government, of which, you, of course supported. Did you request her appointment from Brian Cowen?”

Lowry: “She went through the same process, as she’s going through with this government”.

Lawlor: “And did she ask you at the time to lobby on her behalf with Brian Cowen – and did you write a note to Brian Cowen and discuss her appointment with NTA?”

Lowry: “… The answer to your question Aine, is no. And what I think you should really concentrate and focus on is that, here is a young woman who has proven herself to be an exceptionally capable and talented member of the board. She was actually as now, as established a good appointment to the board. And the point I made was that she be re-appointed on her ability, and the fact that she has already proven her capability to be a very efficient member of the NTA Board.”

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12 thoughts on “Fully Qualified

  1. gallantman

    Anyone else notice how Michael Lowry seems to
    write his notes
    in the same style as a well known
    Broadsheet commenter.

  2. Disgraced Former Minister Frilly Mickie Keane

    She She She She She She She
    She She She She She She She
    She She She She She She She

    Áine should know better.

  3. Soundings

    “The last thing I would be considering when appointing someone to these roles, whether they’re a man or a woman, is how they look” says transport minister Paschal Donohoe this afternoon.

    Liz O’Donnell who was appointed by Paschal to the chairman role at the Road Safety Authority last October will be pleased to know it wasn’t her looks that got her the job, though there are many scratching their heads to appreciate what credentials qualified her for the job. And how many other people were interviewed for the role etc.

  4. gertrude

    Reminiscent of Gilmore’s missus getting the job, if you don’t like the appointment you’re some sort of sexist.

  5. 8den

    listening to Lowry on the news complaing about the fact that this note wasn’t given back to him or the taoiseach and instead found its way to a journalist and thats the real issue here according to him. The man has the neck of rhino.

  6. ollie

    the point that is relevant is this; Valerie O’Reilly works in PR and is totally unsuitable and unqualified for the board of NTA.
    also, kenny seems to excel in associating with dishonest and corrupt people, birds of a feather etc?

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