My Ass Is The Law






Laura Mahon at University College Dublin [UCD] Law Society writes:

We’ve come up with our annual Law Ball music video and we’d like to see what you think….
Hopefully it’s not as cringe as last year’s one and we might get some action on the night.

Action on the night?

Or no action?

Only YOU can decide.

This year’s ball takes place at Dunboyne Castle, Co Meath on February 10.

UCD Law Soc

11 thoughts on “My Ass Is The Law

  1. Der

    Is this the current edginess of youth? no wonder we haven’t had riots on the streets.

    Although its probably a bit ridiculous to be looking to UCD Law Soc for revolution!
    It’s not their fault. Yawn.

  2. Paolo

    I would like to instigate a class action on behalf of everyone who happened to scrape their eyeballs across that video.

    See you in court.

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