The Minister And The Sex Siopa



Top: Communications Minister Alex White (centre) with Shawna Scott (in white blouse centre) and fellow winners of awards from the IE Domain Registry. Above: Shawna with IEDR’s Finance & Operations Manager, Angela Butler. 

Sex Siopa, the non sleazy irish online shop for bedroom toys and whatnot.

Now state approved!

Seattle-born Irish citizen and Sex Siopa founder Shawna Scott writes:

There’s been a press embargo till this morning, but something really awesome happened last week that I’d like to share with Broadsheet.Last Thursday was presented with an award from the IE Domain Registry by Alex White T.D., Minister for Communications, Energy, and Natural Resources.

This makes us the first sex shop in the history of the State, possibly the world (at least that’s what my initial Google searches have lead me to believe) to receive an award from a government official.

The other businesses who won with me this year were;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I’d encourage all small businesses to apply for the award this year.


Sex Siopa

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    This is great to see and helps lose the stigma of adult toys in Ireland. Both & are pro safe sex toys and we research all the adult toys we sell. This gives peace of mind to the comsumer knowing our products enhance relationships and provide safe pleasure for solo, couple play and more.

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