13 thoughts on “One Off The Wrist

  1. smoothlikemurphys

    Water resistant to 200m. Just so your watch will still be OK when you step outside your Submarine.

    1. stephen

      Thing about water resistant measurements is they are taken in lab conditions. i.e. the watch is placed in a pressure vessel full of water and the pressure raised to the equivalent of 200m depth, held for a certain period and reduced again, that is the standard it has to meet. The reality however is the watch will be exposed to these high pressure at lower depths due to motion and other stuff. The recommended rating for a watch for swimming is 100m apparently even a 50m isn’t really suited to the pressures of diving in and out of a pool.

      Of course there is also the other angle of marketing and appealing to the ego of men (and some women I’m sure but its really more a teenage boy thing) ‘my pressure rating is bigger than yours’ and that sort of thing, bigger numbers sound better, even if not really necessary.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    I have to admit I would be sorely tempted to get one of this, just because. After all, I need to stay away from Aldi and Lidl on certain days of the week or I end up with a cement mixer I did not intend getting.

    But that being said, all I can think of is the damage that will likely do to shirt cuffs.

    1. scottser

      people who wear shirts will have no need of this, unless they are the ‘sleeves-rolled-up’ type of shirt-wearer.

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