Midgetgate Man Speaks



Irish Water protestor Derek Byrne

Derek Byrne.

He’s sorry he called the President a ‘midget parasite’.

He freely admits he himself is nothing to write home about in the height ‘department’.

But, in a sweary bid for mitigation, Derek sez:

“The media jumping all over a non story from last Friday while they keep the real stories of those forced to suffer under the Austerity regime off the headlines.
This morning as I finish work I should be going home to bed for some much needed sleep. But no I have to go and apply for legal aid. Comical I must go and ask the state to pay someone to represent me so they can jail me.

What is my crime?
Am I a drug dealer , a murderer, a burglar? No
Am I a threat to society? Hmm Yes & No
Am I a threat to the everyday citizen of Ireland ? No
Am I a threat to those who profit from other people’s misery? YES

I made a conscious decisions about two years ago to stand up and fight back for my future in this country. You see after the so called collapse of this country things changed. Although I was one of the lucky ones that kept their job I may as well have been unemployed.

As my P60s show it’s a big drop when you are earning €47,000 in 2008 and are then earning €28,000 in 2011. That’s a big drop. I remember a time I could afford to socialise with friends or go where ever I wanted with my kids. These days you are lucky if you can afford to rent a movie out.

So I was compelled to stand up and do something. Along the way I realised that it was to late for me. So I said I would fight on to ensure my children didn’t have to suffer. You see I sit and I watch the greedy parasites that enforced this shite on our backs.

These people preached about patriotic duty and solidarity with our fellow country men.
Yet all this time these greedy selfish bastards continued to draw down massive salaries in a time when they preached to us how the country was broke, that we should live within our means.

These people cut everything. They didn’t give a shit who or what they cut.
Sick children, senior citizens were targeted, suicide and mental health programs were targeted, the homeless were targeted. Families were thrown out of their homes and forced to live in hostels alongside drug addicts. That’s if they were lucky.

What did the greedy people in power do ? Absolutely fucking nothing. They took token cuts but still left themselves with massive salaries. They gave their friends and family jobs in quangos they set up. They used and abused money donated for charities.

They ensured it was an us and them and then they continued to rape us the citizens of this country to pay for the lifestyle they have come accustomed to.

New taxes were invented and then they preached how because they had them in Europe we should pay. They lied to the people and when the lies wouldn’t wash anymore they resorted to threats and bullying.

I began questioning these peoples. They didn’t like that. My friends protested and those that were unemployed suddenly had their welfare stopped or cut drastically.
Media spun stories about extremists and anarchists yet the real story was people just wanted to live their lives not just exist.

These people hatched a plan to force us to pay for water. A substance needed for survival. We stood up to them and eventually inspired others to stand alongside us. So no w they will jail us in the hope it scares everyone to comply.

As far as meter installations are concerned. They’ve taken away all your rights. You are not allowed to refuse, you are not allowed protest and still each day people stand up.
People are no longer afraid, no longer pay attention to the threats made by these bastards.

I expect to be in prison on January 31st but I ask each and everyone of you to come to Dublin and make that small sacrifice. Come and stand alongside your country men and women. Make the 31st the largest protest in Irish History.

Do it for your children, your Grandchildren. Do it for those that were forced from this country because of corrupt greedy politicians. Do it for the sick that have been forced to suffer on trolleys for those forced out of their homes. Or just do it for yourself.

January 31st make history make it a day when your grand children learn about it in the history books , you can say I was there when we took back our country from the greedy and the corrupt.”

Derek Byrne on the Niall Boylan show [Classic Hits 4FM] after apologising for using the word midget during an Irish Water protest against President Higgins.

Deputy condemns verbal abuse of president by water charge protesters (RTÉ)

Dublin Says No (Facebook)


Sean O’Rourke

Anti-Irish Water campaigner Jerry Beades appeared on RTÉ RI’s Today with Sean O’Rourke to discuss Irish Water protests against president Higgins.

Sean O’Rourke:
“Jerry Beades, good morning to you.”

Jerry Beades: “Good morning, Sean.”

O’Rourke: “I know you are very supportive and you have been active on Water Protests – Are these your people?”

Beades: “No, and I think we’ve seen the politicians there speaking just before for me – and they’re stoking over fire – and I think, they’re taking this totally out of context. I mean, there’s anger on the streets – The President had the option – first of all – and I want to say this, we have to say that we have to respect The Office of the President – that’s the first thing I’d like to say.”

O’Rourke: “…And would you like to start, as well by saying, first off – that you condemn the kind of behaviour that was directed at The Office of The President last Friday?”

Beades: “I want to be very careful Sean, in terms of, you know, in terms of , ‘Who is asking for this condemnation?’. At the moment it’s the politicians. But just let me say…I do not, …or have…

“…I’m just asking you Gerry, as an Irish citizen – maybe one citizen to another, would you care, or do you think you should condemn that language directed at our Irish First Citizen?”

“I would say the language is not right – and it should not be used. But, I would want to say that there is anger on the streets, there’s anger about the Water Protests. The president had the option – there were people at the gates petitioning him – no to sign it {The Water Bill} – and refer it to The Supreme Court -he didn’t listen to those people who were at the gates of An Aras an Uachtarain – and you know, anger becomes a policy when the politicians ignore the people. And we have a situation at the moment, that, you know, the Water Protesters – The Government did a complete U-Turn only as a result of protests. We now have have all the evictions in the same way. The President refused to refer the evictions there to The Supreme Court as well. ”

O’Rourke: “Are you seriously suggesting, Jerry, that – had The President referred this to The Supreme Court, and had The Supreme Court had upheld its constitutionality that all the protesters would have just stayed at home and the protesters who remained would simply wave at his car?”

Beades: “I’m not saying that – but I mean there is… The President is elected as champion of the people, I mean he made a lot of promises, he was going to be ‘The People’s President’ – but obviously the people are ignored by the politicians.”




Listen here

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88 thoughts on “Midgetgate Man Speaks

    1. Clampers Outside!

      And that was Randy, with the Ewes.

      Next up, we ask the real questions: Midget Tossing – Is it a sport or a sex game?

      Back to you Randy !

      *winks and points like Jesus would*

      1. Zarathustra

        Clampers, Mike Tyndall, the former England rugby captain would be able to answer your question as to whether it’s a sport or not…

  1. A Durty Hooer

    As my P60s show it’s a big drop when you are earning €47,000 in 2008 and are then earning €28,000 in 2011. That’s a big drop. I remember a time I could afford to socialise with friends or go where ever I wanted with my kids. These days you are lucky if you can afford to rent a movie out.

    Maybe he should have put a few bob aside for a rainy day then instead of living like Monty Brewster?

    1. Jess

      You cannot put aside a lot on 48 grand when you have a family. Some, but you might get a rainny day, rather than a rainy 7 years

  2. Just sayin'

    Irony overload. He hates the system but is happy to accept legal aid in his quest to take down the Man.

    1. concernedobserver

      You need to read all that again. And then think about it. If you need to at that point, you can come back with questions. Dope.

      1. Just sayin'

        Your name-calling of someone who doesn’t share your viewpoint demonstrates that you’re obviously cut of the same vile cloth as Byrne.

        Starting a sentence with “And..” is just awful too.

      1. Diddley Aye

        Thats what defines him though. He calls Michael D a parasite but he whines for legal aid for his court case.

  3. Joe the Lion

    I could not agree with this man more.

    There is clearly a pro-parasite, pro-midget agenda at play that is disenfranchising the Irish people.

    Sure next thing you know it will be only midgets allowed to have the vote!

    While I can accept and indeed I support the man making a principled stance he might want to reflect on whether his grandchildren would like to live in an island paradise where implied thuggery is the default method of encouraging democratic change. Is that not what he is saying he is against?

    1. Zuppy International

      Implied thuggery? What about actual thuggery from the Gardai, Irish Wasters, GMC, and the Blueshirt cronies ignoring the rule of law in order to facilitate the banksters’ eviction of ordinary decent families from their homesi

      A sense of perspective please.

          1. Banotti

            State sponsored terrorism. You sound a reasonable chap whose views should be carefully considered.

          2. Paps

            The Gardaí protecting workers , and allowing them to do their jobs is thuggery?
            You have it all ass backwards.

          3. Zuppy International

            @ Banotti: you’ve just advocated for state sponsored violence in your comment below.

          4. scottser

            well, you start as a garda (or a reserve garda) , then move up to sergeant, and sure if you learn to read you could become an inspector..

          5. Zuppy International

            @Paps, the Garda are using violence, intimation and unlawful arrest to prevent the peaceful and lawful assembly of those who oppose the imposition of water metering.

          6. Banotti

            Funny how none of these unlawful arrests are caught on film. Sure, I’ve seen uploads of arrests but in every single case it was more than justified. I’m more annoyed with the politically enforced restraint the gardai are showing. We need a proper culling of this crowd as they are creating an atmosphere of lawlessness.

    1. collynomial

      I’ve done a quick slightly longer than I thought Google search of Derek Byrne by name.

      Note what is returned, is reported by media, whom Mr Byrne claims hold a bias against him (And other protesters) and therefore, some weight should be given to the possibility that those reports are exaggerated or only represent the facts which one would reason, agree with the Media outlets’ view on the world.

      There is also the possibility that I have the wrong Derek Byrne.

      20th September 2014: Mt Justice Patrick McCarthy grants GMC/Sierra and injunction against Derek Byrne and eight other defendants “restraining the defendants, or anyone with knowledge of the court order, from assaulting, harassing, intimidating, endangering or otherwise unlawfully interfering with or obstructing workers lawfully installing meters in Dublin city.”

      29th September 2014: Derek Byrne and other members of the Edenmore 9 are victorious in court when a
      “Judge lifted an injunction against them and refused to send them to prison. He also scheduled another hearing which gives them the opportunity to put forward their own video evidence”. [My presumption here is that the 29th ruling overturned the 20th ruling].

      [the following is related to the thread of events but does not involve Mr.Byrne directly]
      5th November 2014: The high court grants water meter installers a 20m exclusion zone
      6th November 2014: The high court ammends this decision to state it does not apply to people coming into their homes

      26th November 2014: Three men are given suspended prison sentences for breach of the above high court order. Derek Byrne is a fourth defendant in the case but is (in his words) ‘freed on a technicality’, he goes on to state that he lives in the area and “will walk through that bloody 20-metre exclusion zone if I chose to”. Based on his words:
      “We’ve openly defied the courts, where we said we will not take an undertaking to take the 20-metre exclusion zone […] All they managed to do was give a suspended sentence.”
      It could be seen that the intention of breaking the exclusion zone was done on purpose so that a test case could be challenged in the courts.

      I can’t find further concrete info, there was thing on a Stoneybatter says no page which said he and Team18 were due in court on 18th December and another post elsewhere saying that Team18’s case had been pushed back to January 16th.

      My guess is that the January 31st case is either the January 16th case or an appeal of its verdict. While I don’t know how legal aid works, I would have thought had his case been on the 16th and then rescheduled Mr Byrne would have that sorted out by now, so I’m possibly wrong there.
      A further speculative guess is another instance where the 20m exclusion zone order is being tested.


      Related (but unrelated) article from November 2014 in the financial times in which Mr. Byrne also features:

  4. Paps

    He finally accepts that he shouldn’t have called the President a midget 6 seconds from the end of that clip.
    He’s an awfully confrontational man from all of the youtube videos , a filthy mouth and a terrible attitude.28K in 2011, notice he says nothing about 2014. This lads a spin doctor and II don’t think he understands what the true role of the president is , but he’s very happy to start trouble and hurl abuse at him.

    1. Banotti

      This man is human waste. They should have let a few of these clowns stand in front of hte presidents car for a few seconds and then break their jaws with an ASP.

          1. Zuppy International

            Speaking your mind on the public highway is not a crime. Assaulting someone for speaking their mind on the public highway is very defiantly a crime but the in this case the assaulters have the sanction of the state: You’re happy about that?

            Blueshirt you are then.

          2. Banotti

            You’re in a idiot but I will humour you.


            In this section “offensive conduct” means any unreasonable behaviour which, having regard to all the circumstances, is likely to cause serious offence or serious annoyance to any person who is, or might reasonably be expected to be, aware of such behaviour.


            —Any person who, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, wilfully prevents or interrupts the free passage of any person or vehicle in any public place shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £200.

  5. Praetorian.

    Every single video this cretin posts to Youtube is under the ‘Edenmore says no’ channel.
    I cant understand how he has managed to stay out of court/gaol for so long because his confrontational and antagonistic behaviour is just vile.

  6. Paolo

    He’s a moron. I doubt that he understands the issues that caused his drop in pay. Nobody is responsible for his earnings but him. If he is earning €27k per year then he is paying virtually zero tax and probably get’s children’s allowance etcetera so I would say that he is more of a parasite than our directly elected President.

    He is a thug who should be off the streets.

    1. linbinius

      ” If he is earning €27k per year then he is paying virtually zero tax”. No. Even if you think that what he does pay in tax is not a great sum virtually zero is not zero. In fact, it is a very real sum that would make an impact.

      “probably get’s children’s allowance etcetera”. You don’t know though do you? Ah sure you have picked your side though so let that drive your opinion. F**p the facts, ye know.

    2. Anomanomanom

      Your clearly a moron. If You believe someone on €27,000 pays little or no tax then you’ve obviously never worked a day in life. If you did, you would know about paying tax and how ridiculous stupid your comment is.

      1. Paolo

        He pays at 20% up until €33k
        He will not pay ANY tax on the first €1600 (minimum)
        He has children (plural) so he receives children’s allowance so assuming that he has just 2 children, he is receiving €260 per month ~€3kpa

        So at the very most he contributes a maximum of €4480 and probably considerably less. I can assure you that the President is paying a LOT more than this thug.

        1. linbinius

          You have got to be F**pin trolling….No! You most certainly are! Puts your past posts in some kind of context.

          :) Kinda funny actually. Keep it up. x

        2. Anomanomanom

          No body pays 20%. Your a complete idiot. So no usc or prsi then, he must have a great employer paying them for him so.

        3. Clampers Outside!

          None of that matters. What matters is that 21% of Ireland’s working population are as the OECD describes as being on “subsistence wages”, “borderline poverty”.

          We have the second highest working population in the world living on that level of ‘living’. Second only to the USA…. jaysus! We’re second highest behind McJob world the home of zero hour contracts.

          The average wage is €35,873 (Aug 2014, Irish Indo)

          This guy is on €27k …with kids, He’s well below that average.

          He’s not livin’ it up.

  7. Drogg

    I don’t see anything wrong with what he is saying. He might not have the education to verbalise his arguments as well as the broadsheet comment section would like but his points are fair. Also I find it rich the claims of thuggery when all he has really done is make a nuisance of himself where garda have attacked people for protesting which should be their legal right to do.

    1. Paolo

      He shouted abuse at someone in the street. If you don’t think that is thuggery then you are a thug. If I go out in the street and shout abuse at someone in the street, I will be arrested very very quickly.

      1. Mé Féin

        He shouted a political opinion at a politician. That’s not thuggery. It might be annoying or even obnoxious, but hardly thuggery.
        Just so we are on the same page, a “thug” is defined as a violent person, especially a criminal.

  8. bisted

    “All political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in failure, because that is the nature of politics and of human affairs.” Enoch Powell

    …hard luck Squee…you nearly made it. If only you’d voiced the slightest reservation, acknowledged the divisiveness of the legislation you were forced to rubber stamp or made some attempt to slow the pace of this hated juggernaut you might have endeared yourself even further in the minds of ordinary people….Instead, history will show that you became the first ever President to be publicly jeered by people who had been your biggest supporters.

    1. Banotti

      He is meant to be apolitical. He’s not meant to take stands and block “divisive” legislation.

  9. B Hewson

    I wouldn’t like to spend time in his company, but he has some points that are very true.
    My belief is that you earn is for the most part something that you can increase if you really really need more cash. Blaming everyone but yourself for a situation is bullsh1t.
    However, His points about overpaid over pensioned senior politically connected elite civil servants is correct. Not to mention the untouched expenses or civil servants and the half days to cash their cheques etc Example Bertie Ahern and Cowan get €150k pensions per year every year.

  10. Barry the Hatchet

    “My friends protested and those that were unemployed suddenly had their welfare stopped or cut drastically.”

    If this is true then it’s absolutely scandalous. But I smell bullsh*t.

    1. Banotti

      Of course it’s not true. This same crowd think Enda has Mark Zuckerberg on speed dial to take down posts that “expose the truth.

  11. Truth in the News

    His excellency The President should be wrapped up in cotton wool
    indeed real wool with World Wool mark acreditation, the day that those
    who hold high office when challenged to their decisions and actions
    needs a close look, when not too long ago, the present office holder
    has been quite excised about human rights internationally, what about
    the right to water in his own country…..in his occupancy of this high office
    he has signed into to law on two seperate occasions legislation
    that in effect taxes a basic right….he should and ought to be questioned.
    There is no need to call him a midget or question his height as to the
    hyprocracy….let the electorate judge, and if they so decide, let him know
    when they have the opportunity to do so, they are hardly likely to be invited
    up to the Vice Regal Lodge to have their say, are they…..?

  12. Hashtag Diversity

    #ismisemidgetparasite not trending I see. suddenly free speech and the right and even duty to offend disappears.

  13. Bacchus

    just because you don’t like a tax does not mean you can attack, verbally or physically, anyone you think might not be be in 100% agreement with you. It doesn’t matter if you shout “peaceful protest” while you do it or you hurl abuse at a President you was doing his duty and had no choice in the matter.

    1. Hashtag Diversity

      Why not verbally? Sez who. Can’t take the p!ss or satirize the mighty? You’re wrong. And probably a @Labour supporter.

  14. Clampers Outside!

    Here, we all know Squee can curse as well as the next fella, he’ll take it, and he’ll move on.

    The man was angry, and has been for a sustained time. He blew, apologised.. somewhat… / let go of some of that anger.


    1. Mayor Quimby

      Look at the rest of his videos- he’s permantely angry and unwillilng to accept
      1) decisions of Democratically elected government
      2) decisions of The Courts
      3) that a local school might want to invite a dignitary to visit their school; I’m sure the kids there are delighted everyone thinks they live in a ghetto now

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