This Is Where The Magic Happens



Business during the day.

Attractive dinner venue.

Romantic love nest at night.

Ronan writes:

Doing some house hunting when I stumbled upon this beaut. Sitting room, dining room and bedroom also comes equipped with a set of crying chairs….

Talbot Hall, Dublin 1 (Daft)

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17 thoughts on “This Is Where The Magic Happens

  1. Ms Piggy

    I would have killed for that when I was living in bedsit land. I hated the fact that any visitor walking into my bedroom/sitting room was immediately confronted by the bed. Especially platonic male visitors, it all too weird. I used to see those fold-away beds in movies set in NY and be really envious.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      True. Spent a few years abroad in one-roomers and the sofa bed / fold away was important.

      I recognise that folk who are used to living in greater spaces/homes might find it hard to adjust but you have to take into account whether you wish to live alone or with other folk. Pay the premium for privacy.

    1. jonjo

      “This house is quite dated and would require tenants to modernise the property & make it their own”

      And its gone up a hundred snots since yesterday :)

          1. Odis

            The art deco standard lamp, €6.00 in Argos. Its worth buying one for the bulb, that comes with it.
            The bulb cost around €8 in Tesco.
            : Pro shopping tip

        1. Clampers Outside!

          It says there are – “3 Bedrooms (3 double)”


          “Property Description:
          2 double bedroom house available…”

          Who the fupp’s in the other room…… *Twilight Zone Music*

  2. Rose

    I like it….but I’ve been wooed by that building ever since I was 11 and our friend’s older sister lived in there. It all seemed so exotic in the late 80s…living in town with a boyfriend and having a clock in the shape of y-fronts!! QED

  3. stev

    “if you are renting for the first time we will not accept your application”

    I’ve fortunately not had to deal with letting agents for some time. Is it common for that to appear on ads like this?

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