37 thoughts on “Nacho Pique

  1. Advertising On Police Cars

    you should have returned them immediately,,, everyone knows cinemas make their money not from the film tickets sold but the confectionary stands,

    1. JF

      Exactly, that’s their business model for capturing captive customers with high margin snacks. Rather than post it on the web, pop into a convenience shop and buy a packet of nachos. Tescos offer 175g packs for 1.66 and there must be a cheese dip available and then you wouldn’t have to trouble the rest of the world with these issues.

  2. parky mark

    Looks like the same nachos you get at avery cinema.
    What’s he complaining about? That he’s got a bad memory or just a plain idiot for buying them in the first place.

  3. Ex Cinema Worker

    When you see the prices and you do not like them, DO NOT BUY THEM.

    It was so frustrating when I used to work in a cinema when people would queue up, would give out about the price of popcorn or what ever, but then would fork it over. Why pay? If you do not agree, don’t pay, walk away. Do not pay and then give out about it online, it just makes you look the fool

  4. everybody

    Nothing worse than people who graze the whole way through a movie… if you want to eat go to a chipper before the film..

    1. mr lava lava

      …nothing worse than people who moan about how I might eat while I enjoy watching movies. If you dont want to share a darkened cinema with people who may munch the odd bit of popcorn just wait until the film is out on dvd and watch it at home….

  5. Soundings

    Serves you right, it’s people like you chomping like field animals on crisps and nachos who ruin the cinema for everyone else. Last time I was at the cinema, it was like feeding time in the monkey cages of the zoo.

    1. Eamonn Clancy

      When was the last time you visited the zoo? Or are you mistakenly referencing an old ad for PG tips?

    1. Domestos

      I’d like a moany post about how bad the popcorn is please. All bitty and salty. Not enough oiliness any more. Etc.

  6. Lu

    Ah memories of working in a cinema … that ‘cheese’ is less than 30% cheese and that popcorn is 2 day old. Enjoy!

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      DP ’em (Deep Pocket).

      That’s why I love the Screen Cinema. As is evident from their paltry snack offerings, they sell you the movie not the accessories. And the nearest shop has bags of popcorn stuffed on the prime shelves.

  7. Nigel

    It’s like these posts are a sort of blind taste test to gauge reactions to even the mildest form of consumer activism. I’m sure the various service industries highlighted find the results incredibly encouraging: consumers are SO cynical about this sort of thing they’ll turn on each other for complaining about or highlighting it.

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