Aye, There’s The Hub


Robert PittRobert Pitt, chief executive of Independent News and Media

At a meeting this afternoon the group’s employees were told that a ‘centralised news desk’ would be introduced to coordinate content for its daily and Sunday newspapers, as well as its digital titles.

The group’s sports reporters would also be brought together in a ‘hub’, it said, which mirrors a similar system introduced for the group’s political and business reporters in 2013.

Up to 30 jobs will be cut as part of the cost-cutting measures, and employees were told a voluntary redundancy package would be introduced as part of this.

INM announces changes to editorial structure at its newspapers (RTÉ)


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13 thoughts on “Aye, There’s The Hub

  1. More_Bemuda_Than_Berlin

    Apart from reducing employee numbers, has anyone an idea what INM’s strategy is?

    1. Soundings

      No, in answer to your question, but looks like cost savings, but editorially, it looks like economy of scale and if you can have a hub which serves stories which are slightly tweaked in tone for SW, Herald or Indo/Sindo, then that’s a cheaper way of producing the product.

      Look, it’s garbage in garbage out, and there’s no evidence that INM is getting serious about news which justifies the term “fourth estate”.

      Good luck to the 30 being made redundant. Examiner group cut around 50 late last year. Not a great time to be a traditional journalist.

  2. Sinabhfuil

    Newspapers are always doing this, deciding that subs or writers or designers or all are fungible, and coagulating their specialist finance subs in with their fluffy feature subs, and expecting reporters to cover Marian Keyes’ book launch and go on to interview Enda and then a murder enquiry. It’s usually a scene of horror.
    Seems like a good idea at the time, though.

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